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Support / Re: rel006 issue client browser
« on June 28th, 2018, 05:57 PM »
Quote from MadMax on June 28th, 2018, 03:28 PM
I've downloaded the client from here, and downloaded the 04rel006 version from
This is your problem. Thijn's updater is a mirror that lags behind the current updater.
Client Updates / Client Update #2 for 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-28)
« on June 28th, 2018, 04:26 PM »
  • Fixed the client crashing when exiting vehicles and in other scenarios.
  • Added a "Launch Build Mode" option to the right-click-on-server menu.
  • Added a "Check for Updates" option to the Help menu.
  • Updated the libjson, libcurl and liblzma components.
  • Updated the Steam injection mechanism to fix issues with VC:MP failing to load.
  • Web browsers and antivirus software should no longer report the installer as being a virus.
It is highly recommended that you download and reinstall the browser.

  • Enhanced build mode.
    To make it easier to test custom maps/entities and client-side scripts, the build mode from 0.3 is being reintroduced with some enhancements.
    • To get started, create a folder in %APPDATA%\VCMP\04beta\store named buildmode and place any files you want to test there.[1]
      • Custom maps, object definitions, scripts, etc. will all load like they normally would when connecting to a server, but instead of joining a networked game you will spawn on top of Kaufman Cabs.
      • You can add a spawnpos.txt file to the buildmode folder with three numbers (e.g. -250.0 100.0 10.0) denoting the X, Y, and Z coordinates to spawn at. There should be no commas between each number; useful for custom maps where ground level has changed.
    • Whenever a file in the buildmode folder is changed, all files will automatically be reloaded. For example, changing a client-side script file will reload scripts (and any other custom content) immediately. This behavior can be changed using the command /autoreload <0/1>.
    • If you have disabled auto-reloading for custom content/scripts, use the /reloadcontent command.
    • Vehicles, objects, spheres, checkpoints and pickups can be created and deleted to test their appearance using the following commands in build mode only:[2]
      • /createvehicle <model ID> <color 1> <color 2> (<position X> <position Y> <position Z>) - creates a vehicle; if position is unspecified, the vehicle is created at your location (alias /cv)
      • /createobject <model ID> (<position X> <position Y> <position Z>) - creates an object; if position is unspecified, the object is created at your location (alias /co)
      • /createpickup <model ID> <position X> <position Y> <position Z> - creates a pickup; if position is unspecified, the pickup is created at your location (alias /cp)
      • /deletevehicle <ID> - deletes a vehicle; ID is given when using /createvehicle (alias /dv)
      • /deleteobject <ID> - deletes an object; ID is given when using /createobject (alias /do)
      • /deletepickup <ID> - deletes a pickup; ID is given when using /createpickup (alias /dp)
      • /deleteallvehicles - deletes all vehicles (alias /dav)
      • /deleteallobjects - deletes all objects (alias /dao)
      • /deleteallpickups - deletes all pickups (alias /dap)
    • The following commands are also available in build mode only:
      • /weapon <ID> - gives you a weapon (alias /w)
      • /skin <ID> - changes your skin (alias /s)
      • /weather <ID> - changes the weather
      • /time <hour> <minute> - sets the game time to the given hour and minute
      • /goto (<X> <Y> <Z>) - teleports to a location. If position is not specified, player is teleported to the default spawn location. Mostly intended for recovering from drowning and then respawning in the water again.
    • To simulate client-server interaction in build mode, you can use the event void Debug::ClientData(stream), which is called when a client in build mode sends data, and the function bool Debug.SendData(stream), which emulates a server sending client-side data and triggers Server.ServerData.[3]
  • Fixed players appearing to hold their previous weapons instead of fists. This should also fix most issues with players sliding around.
  • Carjacking should be fully disabled on the client side now.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash while loading on some systems and on random occasions on others.
An example of the enhanced build mode in action can be found here.
 1. Steam users: the Steam version of gta-vc.exe may not load build mode properly; you should change your browser settings to use testapp.exe instead.
 2. Build mode is not designed for creating maps. Objects cannot be rotated once created. There is currently no way to export positions of entities created in build mode.
 3. These functions only work in build mode. Recommended practice is to do any simulation of the server's responses in a separate file to decouple the main script from your tests.
Server & Plugin Updates / Server Update Released (2018-06-28)
« on June 28th, 2018, 08:13 AM »
An update for VC:MP 0.4 (04rel006) servers has been released.
  • When a player's camera position is changed, the server will now stream entities both at their camera position and at their world position.
    • Likewise, dead players will be able to see what is happening around them until the camera fades to white.
    • Players will also be able to see what's happening near the spawn screen camera until they spawn.[1]
  • Fixed players appearing to slide around for players who do not update their clients.
Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)
 1. Dead players may report picking up pickups or entering checkpoints/spheres if they are visible on the spawn screen. You, as server owners, are responsible for making sure your gamemodes behave correctly in this case.
Bugs and Crashes / Re: Crash - 00661548 error C0000005
« on June 28th, 2018, 04:45 AM »
Noted and fixed. Expect an update in the next hour or so.
Client Updates / Client Update for 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-25)
« on June 25th, 2018, 06:57 AM »
A client update has been released for 04rel006.
  • Weapons are now removed from players if the server sets their ammo to zero.
  • Fixed /setconfig game_sensitivity and game_sensitivity_ratio incorrectly reporting that they need a game reload.
This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.
General Discussion / Re: Enforce HTTPS in VCMP websites.
« on June 25th, 2018, 03:57 AM »
Quote from vitogta on June 25th, 2018, 03:41 AM
I wonder why people cares about such small things like website encryption while people just unable to register in this forum.
Code: [Select]
An Error Has Occurred!
Fixed. Generally things get fixed faster when they're reported promptly instead of saved for passive-aggressive comments.
Bugs and Crashes / Re: getip
« on June 25th, 2018, 12:12 AM »
Get an up-to-date version from
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Re: IRC bots behaving badly
« on June 25th, 2018, 12:04 AM »
Can you give me a basic script for an IRC bot I can use to test?
Quote from krystianoo on June 24th, 2018, 04:52 PM
you've achieved nothing with this except for practically fucking over newbies who have no clue how to circumvent this "solution" and legit players.
Calm the fuck down, it's a bug. I'll patch it next time I haven't been up for 72 hours making this free mod for you guys.
Client Updates / Re: Client Update for 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-24)
« on June 24th, 2018, 06:19 PM »

Client Updates / Client Update for 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-24)
« on June 24th, 2018, 03:48 PM »
A client update has been released for 04rel006.
  • Fixed players crashing/hanging when surrounded by a large number of players.
  • Fixed incorrect weapon IDs sometimes being reported as kill reasons.
  • Fixed snipers breaking in Steam versions of the game.
  • Fixed the widescreen setting.
This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.
Client Updates / Re: Client Update 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-23)
« on June 24th, 2018, 02:00 PM »
Quote from Xmair on June 24th, 2018, 12:20 PM
The client crashes if 15+ players are in a single place. (Happened when I brought everyone to my location)
And if there are many pickups in a place (robbery pickups in mall) it causes the client to lag ALOT.
I can't reproduce this at all.
Also PLEASE fix the timers, using Timer.Stop( ) is literally crashing my server, my server's player count has dropped from 19 to 9 in seconds.
You need to help me out and give me more details when reporting these bugs. Can you produce a small script I can run to reproduce this?
Support / Re: 04rel06
« on June 24th, 2018, 01:49 PM »
Just uploaded a new version of the plugin, try redownloading it.