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Support / Re: Radio streaming problem
« Today at 04:00 AM »
Quote from Roycewicz Yesterday at 03:21 PM
Quote from Mahmut_T7 Yesterday at 02:31 PM
Maybe radio links wont working ? I was have same problem I found another radios and it working now I will send you a example test it;
The same radios are working for other players in the same server, I tried in multiple servers and the same error message appears.
Strange, error codes 2 and 41 indicate errors in the stream format. Do you know what the URL for the broken streams are? Do they work if you stream them in a player like VLC?
This thread is getting out of hand, so I'm locking it. I'll post again when there's news to share.
Quote from Athanatos on June 4th, 07:14 PM
If VCMP uses SCM functions
It doesn't, and either way you still need to synchronize the actor's state so running SCM on the client won't cut it.
Quote from Athanatos on June 4th, 07:16 PM
An easy way should be letting the server generate and calculate the AI behiavour (but since the server executable has no somewhat access to game's source, this is going to be a hard task that requires general changes to the VC:MP's code).
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Quote from Sonmez on May 31st, 10:56 PM
If the development process continues this way this means the end of VC:MP. Player count is going to be 0.
People have been saying this since 0.3, when there was literally no ongoing development. This kind of rhetoric is meaningless at this point.
Let's just get this out of the way now, NPCs are not happening anytime soon. They'd require major changes to the code that we can't do in one incremental update.
04rel007 is in development. In the meantime, here's a patch to fix a high-priority regression that was found.
  • Fixed a regression that caused the netgame to use 100% CPU at all times.
This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.
General Discussion / Re: Module SDK and Node NAPI addon
« on May 15th, 02:10 AM »
The actual reason we didn't embed Node.js into the server is because we don't want to embed any language into the server itself. The server's main design goal is to be lightweight by default and extensible as needed. This is why even the Squirrel language, while popular in this community, is only available as a plugin.

(It also forces us to make sure we make all functionality available in the server SDK, which anyone can then use however they want. It's not limited to providing scripting languages.)
General Discussion / Re: Module SDK and Node NAPI addon
« on May 14th, 12:16 AM »
Embedding Node.js in other applications isn't really well-documented, but have you looked at
Huh, didn't know Windows XP x64 didn't get an SP3. I'll have to look further into this.
Quote from ChevyCaprice90 on May 3rd, 07:10 PM
Just for fun I'm also tested it on my Windows 2000 laptop, it works too)
This might be the case but we still can't support it officially. Microsoft's documentation for our compiler says that XP SP3 x86 and XP SP2 x64 are our minimum supported OSes, and we can't use older compilers since we use some more modern C++ features.
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Re: Insane player desync
« on May 6th, 01:09 AM »
Thanks for the report. We've had rare reports of this happening in the past but nothing consistently reproducible. A more minimal script would help though, since I don't know what this.Up() and this.Down() are defined as.
General Discussion / Re: Vice City updated?
« on April 28th, 12:06 PM »
Vice Cry is a pretty good retexturing and remodeling project, but unfortunately it changes the map, so you might get kicked from servers if you stand on a modded piece of map no one else can see. What you can do instead is use the Vice City Visual Enhancements mod, which includes textures and vegetation from Vice Cry along with other things like higher-poly vehicles from the Xbox.
Bugs and Crashes / Re: 740 Error
« on April 27th, 05:31 AM »
Can you go to %APPDATA%\VCMP\04beta and see if there are any crash logs?
General Discussion / Re: Obtaining Wiki Editorship
« on April 26th, 03:51 AM »
Wiki CAPTCHAs should be fixed now.
Bugs and Crashes / Re: 740 Error
« on April 26th, 01:06 AM »
I set the game to launch accounting Windows XP 2 and/or Windows Me.
Have you tried setting it to Windows XP SP3? VC:MP doesn't support SP2.
General Discussion / Re: Vice City Multiplayer
« on April 23rd, 03:45 AM »
Being allowed to make a thread on a random server's site doesn't really bring players. With VC:MP there's three main issues we have to contend with, in my opinion:
  • We have no exposure anywhere. Ever since we changed the client download link to point to our own server instead of ModDB, our ranking there went from place 10-20 to the 700s. Our GTAGarage page hasn't been updated in over a decade; it points to an expired domain and a super old client. We have no uploads on any other modding sites. still lists 0.3z R2 as our latest version. I'll reach out to some site admins and see if I can rectify this; this also means I'll likely change the client download link to point to ModDB again as a means of having some source of players instead of keeping to ourselves. Being insular only reduces the influx of new players.

  • GTA:VC is inherently less expansive than San Andreas. SA:MP and MTA:SA are popular because there's still a lot you can do in its confines. Vice City's map, by contrast, is tiny. There are very few interiors. Vice City is also pretty flat with a lot of beachfront; even compared to GTA III, it simply feels less dense. There's only so much you can do with custom maps in this regard short of a total conversion (which LCS-DM and LC Unleashed do). This is also something we can help somewhat by adding more features for scripting.

  • We are very far removed from our original development team. It's easy to forget, but VC:MP was originally a testing project for SA:MP. At this point, though, the entire team has moved away from VC:MP, and apparently doesn't want to acknowledge our existence at this point. Back when 0.4 was still in public beta, I posted a thread over there inviting SA:MP people to play since we share a common development history. They actually went out of their way to delete the thread. This means we are completely on our own for support.