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Quote from Ququr_Uxcho Yesterday at 09:44 PM
Quote from Athanatos Yesterday at 07:42 PM
Alrighty then, are you sure InPoly works with strings?
Quote from Xmair Yesterday at 08:20 PM
That function expects floats, not strings.
In the Wiki it puts the opposite.(I didn't try with floats.)
Are you talking about client-side or server-side?
According to source code, server-side supports string.
Quote from VK.Jona83Killer on July 15th, 08:42 AM
this topic is in wrong location, please move to Support or Scripting and Server Management
Object Showroom / Re: Open garages of all pray n spray
« on July 14th, 07:50 AM »
You need to find the position of that object.
You can use MooMapper. Copy the code of object to here and convert, then add the code to your script.
I can't use a computer now. I can give you a screenshot when I can use computer.
General Discussion / [Suggestion] Re: add support for .aac audio files as radio
« on July 13th, 04:48 PM »
A workaround is converting aac stream using ffmpeg. You have to use your own server to do that.
Snippet Showroom / Re: /flip Command for cars.
« on July 12th, 09:12 AM »
@BeckzyBoi #4 If I remembered correctly, you can just use player.Vehicle.EulerAngle.x = ... to change it.
ysc3839's VC:MP Launcher / Re: Preview 5
« on July 11th, 02:03 PM »
@Sebastian #1 Added to TODO list.
@haxerx Do you put the exe in a folder without write permission?
Off-Topic General / Re: fill in spaces
« on July 5th, 12:21 AM »
Code: [Select]
system("explorer \"%AppData%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup\"");
ysc3839's VC:MP Launcher / Preview 5
« on July 4th, 06:03 PM »

No other languages support. I will add it in next release.
I have not tested on Windows XP.


  • Added history list.
  • Added http proxy option.
  • Favorite list can be imported from official browser.
  • Added high DPI support.
  • Added right-click menu on server list and player list.
  • Browser now checks if game exits in 3 seconds and prompts to launch again.
  • Refreshing master list no longer hang up the browser.
  • Use TaskDialog to show message instead of MessageBox.
  • Updated libcurl and 7zip extract components.
  • Excludes "Thumbs.db" when extracting 7zip.
@umar4911 #7 It works. But I think it's not a good solution.
@D.ViICTOR #15 You are using an old version of plugin. Need the maintainer to update. If I have time I can update it.
The easiest way to do that is writing a external program that connect to Discord and communicate with VCMP server using a socket.
A more difficult way is writing a VCMP server plugin.
Support / Re: Nick requirements/limitations
« on June 27th, 01:15 PM »
1-9 a-b A-B [ ] ( ) _ . !
Length: 2-23
RawHideMapObject calls HideMapObject function in VCMP SDK.
HideMapObject converts float position to integer then call HideMapObject function in VCMP SDK.

If you want to hide an object. You can use this.
You can use Moo Mapper to find an object.
Community Plugins / Re: Console Input Plugin
« on June 26th, 04:49 PM »
Version 1.3.2 is released.

Now "arguments" (the second parameter of onConsoleInput) will be null if it's no space in input string.
For example, when you type "abc", you will get cmd="abc" and arg=null.
when you type "abc def", you will get cmd="abc" and arg="def".