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Sorry I did not get you,but I want like sounds play anytime without any cmd through
@Zone_Killer,Sorry bro your snippets does not makes sound
Script and Content Requests / Custom Sounds
Jul 06, 2017, 09:22 AM
Hey,I though is there's anyway to play custom sounds at random time (any time) by server,I know how to load custom sounds.

I'm to get some examples,like server plays a sound at random time.
learn some grammar
I am using Fuzzie Account system I having some problem's.When I reconnect my all cash and kills/death turn to zero again.
Hey Anik,
              I'm very pleased to your this GUI Editor.I like to suggest you a idea.

-How about,If color mode should be changed from "Page up and down" to a cmd ("/changecolour (R/G/B)"). Because I'm tired to tap tap the page up and down button.Suppose if people want to paste their own colour (according rgb) they can do easily (/changecolour 124 155 100)?.

I hope you understand me
littlewhitey's classic DM and one of the best server in VC-MP history
Good Work! Nice Video
Virus detected 1/56

Anyway,Good Work
Why i can't do sprint with melee weapons? like: butcher (i tested)
I've seen the server first,the zombies are bot's or players,how they bots?
yes,sliding with weapons fixed...thanks
Thank you Punk!
this is happening with me in all servers
and it makes  chat unable to read