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Servers / Re: MK | Capture the Flag
Aug 02, 2023, 11:16 AM

Introducing the second edition of the Team Tournament for Capture the Flag (CTF)! Apply now to assemble your dream team and showcase your prowess in the exhilarating world of Capture the Flag.

As suggested by the title, this team tournament is not limited to clans! A team of five players can form up their own team and apply for the tournament. Whether you are in a clan, or clanless, you can be part of this thrilling tournament.

Tournament Format:
The tournament format revolves around teams forming their own group of at least five active members and applying through the designated "Team Applications" board. Once accepted, teams will be randomly divided into two groups (A - B).

The tournament will follow a simple Point-based system for the group stage. In group stage, a win earns your team 3 points. A draw gives both team 1 point. Losing a match gives 0 point.

Each team will face every other team from their group. Once every team has completed their matches or the deadlines reaches, the group stage will end. The first two (or more depending on how many teams apply) teams with higher score will qualify for the next stage.

The information for next stage will be posted when Group Stage is concluded.

Matches Format:
Matches will be played in a 5x5 format with 3 subs per team. Before starting a match, both teams will be asked to choose 3 bases on which they want to play. There will be six bases in total in every match. Each base will take 10 minutes to complete.

If a team chooses a base in any match, they cannot choose it again for the whole tournament. For example, if a team chooses to play 24/7 Tools base, they will not be allowed to choose the same base again for the rest of the event.

If both teams pick the same base in a match, the base is played twice.

Gather your team of elites, and seize the opportunity to become known as one of the greatest. So what are you blabbering big mouth, eh? Enlist yourself!

FAQs: Here
CTF Discord
Major Update: Version 3 beta

After countless hours of keyboard bashing and lots of caffeine, beer, and more alcohol. We are proud to release, much anticipated, version 3 of Rob The Vehicle.  V3 is based upon SqMod, it packs a solid bunch of gamemode updates and new features. As a player, you are about to victim a different gameplay experience, explained further :

  An arrow will now flash upon the vehicle to indicate its position in the enemy base. Makes it easier to locate the vehicle. 


  A whole new timer.    New CarHP UI     

  Modern and cool looking UI. Made with <3 by Spiller ; Implemented by our fav Kikita.  PACK UI    VOTEBASE UI  Beside the above the, you can evidence blistering GUI changes on every go of the server

  A new dashing scoreboard with a new lobby. 

  Stats are now much more detailed. Displays Assists, Rounds Played and Won, MVP and Vehicle Robs as well as basic stats.    And a reworked MVP system. 

I hope you'd enjoy. Special thanks again to Kiki for so much of hard work.   *The server is in beta state right now, tests are still being conducted, features are still being added. Suggestions are welcomed. Put your seatbelts back on, strap 'em in!
Credits to: Spiller for summarizing the topic. 

Server IP:
Game Mode: RTV v3.0 (A/D) [BETA]
Slots: 100
Staff list: Click here
Discord: Click here
Developers: Kikita,[MK]Rest, [SS]ELK
Scripters: Kikita
Amazing job!
Clans and Families / Re: Clan App - QsA
Nov 17, 2017, 07:16 PM
Good Luck with your clan.
Is its possible to see the player marker (on radar) which is near to you (ex-100 yards)?

Sorry if its mentioned in wiki
you are living in rel003?
Nice bro.
Tutorials / Re: Any one can help me ?????????
Nov 06, 2017, 10:02 AM
Off-Topic General / Re: LUKB & GTA 3 Club
Aug 26, 2017, 05:34 PM
        Feeling cool to visit this.Good Job LU Developers!
Servers / Re: Elite Killerz: Estate City
Jul 10, 2017, 05:42 AM
Nice Server,Good Luck!
General Discussion / Not fair?
Jul 07, 2017, 09:59 PM
Hey My brother Tea Know Do Marine Forces,installed windows xp in his PC,when he connect to my server my all server store files,like vehicles,skins and client scripts downloads from the server and get stores in his "AppData/VCMP/04beta/store/" (this is my server IP) and every server IP's mentioned as folder names.Then he steal my custom store files and upload its own server,I saw him doing this more than 5+ times.But I thought he just stores custom files,but when I entered in his server all my GUI lables and other servers vehicles,like LW's Hydra,Magic Carpet and other server skins and other store files.

I request to developer's to fix this.

This bug is only in WinXP?,I've windows 8,I checked but theres no store folder in my Application Data nor in Win7