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Version 1.2 is up which contains the new APIs for the 0.4.7 release

make sure to update your pom.xml to version 1.2


Plugin binaries available here
Only issue I notice is for me its marking all posts/replies (even old ones) as new/unread.
Update your announcer plugin, the old version caused that "Failed to store response " error. Download the latest version here:
The integration .jar and tools.jar are now deprecated.

I created a new project called vcmp-integration.jar. This project includes both tools.jar and integration.jar in one single jar. So from now on you only need to use 1 jar file. The repository is located on gitlab

The artifact was also uploaded to gitlab's maven server so you can now use it automatically with maven/gradle without needing to do any installs on your local maven. To use it in maven add the following to your pom.xml file:

Add the gitlab maven repository:


Add the dependency:
That's all.

If you need to access the .jar file directly you can download it from here: Click on the version you want,  then scroll down and click the .jar file.

This .jar is fully backwards compatible and is just a drop-in replacement for tools.jar and integration.jar, you won't need to change anything in your code.

After 2 years, more than 100 commits and a few community contributions, version 1.0.0 has been released. The code for custom components has been rewritten and now supports the creation of DecUI components dynamically. This means it supports the creation of new DecUI components without needing to add or modify any code inside DecUI so if you want to create DecUI components you dont need to know anything about DecUI internals, you just need to create a class that extends the parent DecUIComponent, register that class with DecUI and that's all. If you're familiar with React, you'll feel right at home since it's very similar.

You can see the tutorial on how to create DecUI components here

You can see the changelog here
Servers / Re: MK | Capture the Flag
Sep 22, 2021, 05:03 PM

The CTF6 public beta is now live, come and join the fun and give the new player abilities a try!

What's new?

Player abilities/skills

 Abilities are small perks/effects that you can apply either to yourself or others for a few seconds. There's 3 types of abilities:
  • SELF -  Abilities that affect the player only such as the immunity abilities, silencer and so on
  • INFANTRY -  Abilities that allow a player to place bombs, mines, gears etc., and anything else self-serving around your personal weaponry
  • TEAM - Any ability that serves your team such as the healing the regeneration of health and ammo

You can see a list of abilities here

You can only have 3 skills equipped at the same time, but you can choose which ones to equip at any point.

New hotkeys:
  • F3 --> Opens skill store ( you can buy and equip skills in this window)
  • Q --> Uses skill equipped in slot1
  • 2 --> Uses skill equipped in slot2
  • E --> Uses skill equipped in slot3
To change default hotkeys:
  • /key1 <keyID> (changes slot1 hotkey)
  • /key2 <keyID> (changes slot2 hotkey)
  • /key3 <keyID> (changes slot3 hotkey)
To get <keyID>:
  • Run  /recordkey and press the key you want to use
  • You will then see the <keyID> on the chat, which you can use with the /key1,2,3 commands
You can watch a tutorial on how to do this  here

CTF now has currency, AKA, Points. You can spend these points on player skills/abilities.
Each one costs 100 points. You can earn points, the exact same way you earn points for your team during a round:
  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 1 Flag = 15 points
  • 5 player killing spree = +1 point for each kill +5 points for the last kill (10 points total)
  • (NEW) 1 kill while holding the flag = +2 points
  • (NEW) Ending someone's spree = +5 points

Points cannot be transfered nor abilitites can be sold


Players now have ranks. All players will start with Rank 0. For each 100 points you earn, you will rank up, so everytime you rank up, that means you can buy a new ability.

As a way to kickstart your progress, 50 points have been given to all registered players, you only need 50 more points and you'll be able to buy your first ability!
Which Visual C++ Redist did you install?

Install this one in specific:
Quote from: AdTec_224 on Dec 25, 2020, 12:17 AMlibpng16.dll is included with the client update (as seen here) so either something/someone deleted it or it may require the Visual Studio redistributable to be installed, located here.
Try restarting the VCMP browser and then see if you can join. If not, please show us the content of your rel006 folder.
Updated dead links to AdTec's mirror. The links are now working again.
Nice work umar. Nice to see more people taking advantage of buildmode to create stuff like this.

There's a 2 things about DecUI internals you should probably know about which will help you improve your editor.

1) The code you're using at the moment will work for all GUIElements but will not work for DecUI components (Grid, Datatable, Circle,  Combobox, etc...). This is because when you do "typeof e" for a DecUI component, it will return "instance" because DecUI components are classes. However, all DecUI components are wrapped in a GUICanvas with the exact same ID as the component. So you just have to check if typeof returns "instance" and if it does, you build the code as if it's a GUICanvas.

2) When printing/copying code to the clipboard, you should avoid additional lookups and use a local variable instead. Avoid doing this:

UI.Label("newLabel").Position3D  = ...
UI.Label("newLabel").Rotation3D = ...
UI.Label("newLabel").Size3D   = ...

and do this instead:
local newLabel = UI.Label("newLabel");
newLabel.Position3D  = ...
newLabel.Rotation3D =  ...
newLabel.Size3D   = ...

This will be faster and is a good optimization to keep in mind when working with DecUI in general, because every time you do UI<Type>(ID) to fetch something, a tree traversal will be made to find the ID you passed, and if you repeat UI.Label("newLabel") 3 times, you will be making 3 unecessary searches. It's better to just do the search once, save it in a variable ( local always, never global). And then just re-use the same variable. This is an optimization which seems small if you dont  have alot of GUIElements created, but once you start having alot of GUIElements this will make a big difference.
I know exactly what you're talking about, I remember this. But yea it was simply the result of bad vcmp sync. Now that the sync is better, that is gone. I see no need for it to return tbh :P
  • Fixed server.getCoordBlipInfo() never returning null when looking for non existent blip
Plugin download: here
  • New update adds support for Java agents
Plugin download: here

It would seem this (memory leak) can't be reproduced on a blank server with an empty script, which makes me think this is somehow related to some vcmp entity (player, vehicle, pickup, sphere, checkpoint, etc...) and sitting on the spawn screen. 

If anyone can reproduce it on a blank script let us know.