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 Scheduled downtime for forum/masterlist today (Saturday)

Posted by Stormeus, on June 30th, 2018, 05:50 AM   (651 views)

Hi all,

We need to move the forum to a new server. We're not sure exactly when the migration will begin but expect the primary web server to be offline for up to a few hours while we put the forum in maintenance mode, prepare backups and migrate the server.

I'll follow up with updates if and when I have any, probably around morning in British Summer Time.

Note that the web server will return with a new IP address and the old server will be unresponsive. Depending on your and your ISP's DNS configuration, you may not be able to reach the masterlist for up to 24 hours after we make the switch.

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 Permanent new updater URL

Posted by Stormeus, on June 11th, 2018, 02:16 AM   (844 views)

For those of you still using Thijn's updater mirror:

The official updater URL is now

For players
Open up your VC:MP browser, go to Tools > Settings. Then at the bottom, replace the updater URL with

The official installer has been updated so that new installations will default to the new URLs. You do not need to download and reinstall the browser if you've already updated your settings.

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 Changes to official servers

Posted by Stormeus, on July 28th, 2016, 01:16 AM   (1,621 views) « 1 2 »

In order to limit the seemingly arbitrary nature of the promotion of official servers, and to avoid confusion and further debates on the qualifications of certain servers over others, the following criteria are now being used to determine whether a server should be listed as official or not:
  • If the server was listed as official in 2011 and earlier, it'll remain official today.
  • If the server is actively maintained and headed or developed by a VC:MP developer or VC:MP beta tester, the server will be promoted to official status.
  • Since the LU team is also part of the VC:MP team, any active servers headed or developed by a LU developer or LU beta tester will also be promoted to official status.
  • Any official servers that fail these criteria will be removed from the official listing.
These changes will help maintain a stricter definition of "official" in the server browser.

:edit: The list of changes to the official server listing is as follows.

  • Evolution A/D — no developers or testers in a leadership role
  • Daydream RP — no developers or testers in a leadership role

  • XE — has been official prior to 2011 (is not online yet and will appear on launch)
  • Liberty City Unleashed — is developed and run by LU developers

No Change
  • Argonath — I'm hosting and maintaining it
  • littlewhitey's — is developed and run by LU devs
  • MK CTF — is developed by a LU beta tester (@Murdock)

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 April Fools retrospective

Posted by Stormeus, on April 2nd, 2016, 12:58 AM   (745 views)

Now that it's April 2 in Europe, we're going to come clean — we weren't actually acquired by Rockstar. VC:MP is still an independently developed project. (The upshot, though, is that we definitely won't have microtransactions either!)

We do have a big update coming up soon, though. We'll save more extensive details for when it's released. In the meantime, I just wanted to say thanks for bearing with us on April Fools' day.

The old thread can be found in Off-Topic General, and if you haven't already, do consider reading the first letter of each paragraph.

— Stormeus

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 Have you edited the wiki lately?

Posted by Stormeus, on March 9th, 2016, 08:22 AM   (601 views) « 1 2 »

As developers, a lot of our time is spent adding features to and fixing issues in the client and server. Unfortunately, a lot of time is not spent by us creating comprehensive documentation of what we add to things like our wiki. Although some parts of the wiki are nicely written, there are entire blocks of Squirrel functions, Squirrel events, and other pages which aren't written, or written less than optimally.

We'd like to see scripters and players contribute more to the wiki to help it become a better resource for new and veteran scripters alike. In accordance with that, we're going to be rewarding contributors with a forum badge that looks like this:

As a small token of appreciation and recognition.

Badged contributors are recognized for making consistent and high-quality revisions to the wiki. If you think you've made a sufficient number of good edits to the wiki, feel free to poke me if you want to receive a badge. Alternatively, just make a bunch of high-quality edits and let me know if you think you've done a good enough job, and I'll either award you a badge or let you know what you could do better.

The inaugural wiki contributors on the forum are:

Their contribution histories have been linked to provide examples of what good wiki editing looks like.

For anyone just starting to edit the wiki extensively, please read these quick contribution guidelines:

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 Announcing the 0.4 Release Candidate

Posted by Stormeus, on October 6th, 2014, 10:04 PM   (1,678 views)

After many successful rounds of private and public beta testing, the VC:MP Development Team is proud to announce the release of the 0.4 Release Candidate.

This is more representative of a final product, and by releasing the server to the public we can collect a significant amount of information regarding bugs and issues that may exist in the server or client. Allowing the community to do whatever they please with the server would be much more productive than simply producing public beta scripts and testing them, as we cannot account for every possible scenario a scripter may want to attempt in 0.4.

Moreover, by releasing the server for scripters to test and develop on, the transition from R2 to 0.4 will be seamless and much smoother, as server owners will more likely be prepared to adopt a completely new version of VC:MP.

Notes on RC Release

Releasing the server as a near-final product for bughunting serves to help scripters become ready for the switch to a final 0.4 release and for bug finding purposes. While this does signal a closer approach to a final release, it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a polished product we believe should be fully representative of our efforts. Once we feel 0.4 is ready for full release, we will make another announcement and spread the word.

VC:MP 0.4 Client
Note: Clients/browsers from Public Beta 3 will also work with this server beta, and will automatically update as needed, but it is recommended to use the installer for newer and updated browser functionality.

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)
Provides a base interface for scripting in Squirrel.

Enables SQLite functionality in Squirrel scripts.

Provides MySQL support for Squirrel scripts.

Provides hash functions like SHA-1, SHA-2, WHIRLPOOL, and MD5.

Allows the loading of server.conf files from the R2 Squirrel server on a 0.4 server.

Provides INI manipulation functions like those in the R2 Squirrel server.

Provides socket interfaces like those in R2 Squirrel.

Announces a server to the 0.4 masterlist.

Automated builds of the Linux versions of the plugins above can be found here:

Installation Instructions
  • Extract the server in any directory you like.
  • Create a directory named plugins within the server directory.
  • Download and extract any plugins you like to the plugins folder.
  • Create a file named server.cfg
  • In server.cfg, add a plugins line in the following format: plugins module1 module2 module3
  • To use the Squirrel plugin, add a sqgamemode line in server.cfg in the following format: sqgamemode MyScript.nut

Squirrel Documentation
A list of functions and callbacks can be found on the VC:MP Wiki:

Bug and Crash Reports
Like previous public betas, bugs and crashes can be reported on the forum. However, we also have a new bugtracker at which can be used to report and track bugs in both the server and client as well.

Bug reports filed on the forum will receive responses, but will also be filed on the new bugtracker as well.

Refer to the Reporting Bugs and Crashes thread (linked) for further information and instructions.

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 Announcing the VC:MP Crash Tracker

Posted by Stormeus, on June 14th, 2015, 07:26 AM   (894 views)

As explained in the Bugs and Crashes announcement, we now have a small dashboard for tracking client crashes on 0.4. It isn't really anything major, but it does hold us more accountable for crashes in that there's less of an excuse for us not being aware of them.

What does this mean for you?
Hopefully, nothing other than less crashes.

A companion update has been pushed to allow us to have these crashes reported to our server, which means any crashes that would be logged by VC:MP before are now just being sent to us automatically anyway.

The information we collect consists of the address in memory at which the crash occurred and the log that has already been saved to your disk. Nothing identifiable is intentionally included; we do not include your IP address in our stored metadata. The most identifiable information would probably be your Windows username in the crash logs, if you have any DLLs loaded from your user profile's folder (including VC:MP if you installed to the default installation directory, which is recommended).

I oppose the NSA and please stop destroying my privacy rights.
If you'd like to opt out of this program, go in-game and type /setconfig game_reportcrashes 0 or open your vcmp_config.txt file (which can be located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\VCMP\04beta) and add the line game_reportcrashes 0 if it doesn't already exist.

Please note that this program is opt-in by default.
 The VC:MP Forum Archives

Posted by Stormeus, on May 2nd, 2015, 01:44 AM   (597 views)

With the 0.3 masterlist now effectively shut down, the old forums have been relocated from their old server to our current web servers on a special archive site:

An archive of the forums from 2007 to 2011 has also been restored from backups on the old server. Posts between 2011 and 2012 that were lost in the account breach could not be recovered.

These forums are completely read-only for all non-developer users (including beta testers). Registrations have been disabled, and functionality such as changing avatars, sending messages, posting, etc. is unavailable. The only other changes made were upgrades to the forum software, so all posts and topics are as they appeared when the backups were made.

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