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Started by Klaus, Jul 25, 2015, 03:51 AM

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Some vids made by a member of Argonath RPG community (all links to youtube).

SWAT Trailer

hao to smugle #1

hao to smugle #2

Credits to =AV=Hype for these videos!


28th July 2016 is the 10th Anniversary of Argonath RPG Community.
The community was founded on 28th July, 2006 in MTA:VC and today we complete a decade of providing authentic roleplay experience to around 25,000 players.

The VC:MP management will be organizing special events in the coming four days (28th - 31st July) to mark this special occasion.


Hello Argonathians,

It has been awhile since the last Developers Diary (cause we lazy). In this developer diary, we will be going over the prominent changes in the latest update to hit the server, Update 3.1.

VC:MP rel004

The latest version of the server removed 3 important features that we used in the 3.0 version of the script. Textdraws, sprites and spheres. Read more about the server changes here. A fallback had to be made in order to prevent existing spheres from failing completely. Textdraws and sprites have also been moved to the newly announced client scripts. While we are still experimenting with the possibilities of client scripts, the menus from 3.0 have not been changed for 3.1.

Help Guides

Help guides have been changed significantly. Instead of the text-based messages in 3.0, 3.1 now moves the camera around the map to show locations, objects, vehicles etc to better help new players.

Locking properties

Yes, you can now lock your property! This feature will only work with private properties and not businesses. You can lock your property using /lockprop. Be careful when you lock yourself in your house while being wanted. Cops can still bust in using /breaklock. Got locked inside? Don't worry! Locking properties only prevent anyone including yourself from entering your property and not exiting it.

UID Bypass Permission

While we do allow multi-accounters, what we do not allow is using those multiple accounts to bypass certain restrictions we have imposed to prevent abuse. One way we have chosen to solve that problem is by introducing a UID restriction. Only one account on a UID is allowed to buy properties and vehicles. If there are multiple family members playing on one PC, you can consult an admin and they can give you a special permission to bypass this restriction. Do note however that this permission can only be granted to another one account under the same UID. No more than that.

Among the scripts restricted by the UID is properties(bypassable), vehicles(bypassable), car thief/smuggle(bypassable) and smuggle(not bypassable).

Restriction of multiple instances under the same UID

Continuing from the UID permission, we have also decided to disallow players from joining the server using multiple instances. This is to prevent intentional and accidental script abuse, particularly the selection of mini-missions and smuggle. The only exception to this restriction are level 4+ admins, i.e. scripters and division leaders.


You can turn on and off your phone using /phone [on/off]. Erm.. Yea...

Ownerships of properties and vehicles by banned players

Any properties owned by a 3+ months banned player will be sold with no refunds and any vehicles will be removed from the server.


Stashing crates and dropping briefcases from vehicles have been disabled. Abusers....

Map Objects

Several map objects have been removed. These objects are the gates to the mansions at Starfish Island, Pay n' Spray garage doors and a fence blocking the PnS at Downtown (Yes. That garage behind Ammunation Downtown).


Ever wondered what's the use of depositing your money in the bank? Yea, we too. And then we decided to change the way players buy properties and vehicles. Instead of using cash in hands, buying properties and vehicles now use balance in bank. The same case for selling too.


The government will now tax a percent of your bank balance. The tax is global and will also affect players who are offline. Players with less than $100 in their bank account will be exempted from the tax. Them corrupt bastards


R.I.P Caddy (2015 - 2017). You can no longer buy caddies from the showroom effective increasing the minimum cash to $45,000. Any existing caddies won't be refunded.

Loss of Cash on Death

Now, when you die you lose all the cash you have in your hand. The amount of cash dropped is 0% if you die by fire or explosion, 20% if you drown and 50% for other form of deaths. The cash will be dropped in a briefcase similar to weapons.

Medical Bills

The hospitals are running low on funds! Players will now pay a medical bill costing $250 which will be deducted from the player's bank account.[/color]



No one could solve the /taximeter so is better to just close it?

Anyway, who would call a cab if you can get a car in -50 seconds?

Argonath is not particularly a role-play server, is more a very-very-very light role-play/deathmatch server.


And you're basing of all that based on one script? Sure you could get a car within ~50 seconds, but that doesn't mean that one would not benefit from the taxi script being there. I would know cause I've seen players actually using the taxi script for roleplay purposes.

Argonath is a community. It is not limited to here only. Argonath is in no way a deathmatch server so don't try to mislead others.


I'm talking based on the play I did there. You would know that you should grab those player's you saw and give them a kiss, because they probably know what role-play is, something 80% of the players in that server doesn't.

And yes, I know Argonath is a community, because I've being playing not just on di' VC:MP server, but also on SA:MP that is practically VC:MP with some script modifications.

Anyway, you guys are the best server around, not telling the opposite.


bad server, banned me for suicide bombing with reason "DMing" (it was clearly role playing btw)


In case you don't know, terrorism is forbidden in most role-play servers.

Also, how did you execute that role-play, if you don't mind me asking?

You see, the problem about role-playing on Vice City is exactly that, just a small percentage actually know's what Role-play is.


Quote from: iTTEX on Mar 15, 2017, 01:18 PMIn case you don't know, terrorism is forbidden in most role-play servers.
Media calling it as "terrorism" to brainwash people (pejorative word), but actually it's a part of war, as french people did against nazi or people of vietnam against usa for example. If exploding people in video games in forbidden, why shooting people is allowed there? Hypocritical morality. Role play or not, it's just silly politics to ban people for "DMing" just for few explodes. They don't know what is DM too.


If I told you my opinion about American/Israeli imperialism I would be banned from this website in the first sentence.  You probably would call me antisemitic, nazi, or whatever to hurt my feelings; In vain.  But since that is not relevant for the website we are into, I will just stick to the subject.

Answer me a question: What is the name in front of the Argonath server? I think it's Role-play, and since they believe they are a role-play server I think you exploding a vehicle/grenade in the middle of a crowd it's considered death-matching. And I'm not even talking about Power-gaming and Meta-gaming because there would be in the same sentence.


Quote from: iTTEX on Mar 15, 2017, 02:41 PMI think it's Role-play, and since they believe they are a role-play server I think you exploding a vehicle/grenade in the middle of a crowd it's considered death-matching.
It would be fine rule for roleplay to disallow killing if it as rule for all. But cops there is KILLING people, legally killing and nobody cares about this. It's corrupt a police state and result of this they got the 'explodes'. If anyone of you is not banned in agro server, join and kill cops there, liberate people of argo!


We don't disallow killing because we don't want to limit role-play.  We however, strictly forbid deathmatching. In our case, situations we consider deathmatching include but are not limited to:

  • Killing other players without a valid reason
  • Killing other players without roleplaying or any proper roleplay
  • Revenge killing

Cops are also subjected to the same rules. They can kill wanted suspects but they need to give the suspects a chance to surrender.

I don't know what account you were using, when you were banned, nor the admin who banned you but what I can say is whoever banned you knows what they are doing. What you just described of your actions clearly puts you in the wrong here since that's exactly what we consider as deathmatch.


Being a rebel to explode cars was a pure roleplaying from my side.