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The public beta test will take place, don't worry.
Just wait for the devs to be back.
That's one great thing you have done here.

I used to know what every event is for, so never thought of explaining them.
Seems like newer players didn't need them either, even if they do haha. It is a good add-on.
Scripting and Server Management / Re: Object XML Format
« on August 20th, 10:04 AM »
Have no idea. Afaik, there was a "w" rotation too.
Is that what "angle" stands for ?

Ps: there are surely 2 ways to define the rotation, because i've used both. I just don't remember.
When i will put my hands on laptop, i will find the lines and show you, if nobody else do.
Scripting and Server Management / Re: Object XML Format
« on August 19th, 07:18 PM »
Quaternion if I'm not wrong.
Quote from Xmair on August 19th, 06:12 AM
Aren't hydraulics already possible through some vehicle properties? I made Voodoo hydraulics in VCCNR v2.0.
Other way than setting vehicle's rotation ?
Just curious.
Quote from Zurix on August 14th, 11:12 AM
This is amazing! These netgame updates are great. Are you implementing interpolation in the sync?
I believe this is the way it already works, isn't it, actually, @Stormeus ?
Support / Re: is SAiVC supported?
« on August 12th, 04:08 PM »
VC:MP supports custom objects/weapons/vehicles/map icons, so you are able to port SAiVC map and play on it.
Weapon Showroom / [VCMP] Re: Green LightSaber
« on August 1st, 11:25 PM »
Quote from MEGAMIND on August 1st, 07:55 PM
lel i remmember that wep from a movie "star wars", nice wep i remmeber we can add custom neon type particles to an object but idk if it would be possible with a wep, if it would be possible then the wep will seem like a real wep from the movie
You can add reflection on weapons, which makes such weapons cooler.
(some sort of featured weapon)
Script Showroom / [0.4] Re: Vote System
« on July 31st, 08:05 AM »
Script Showroom / [VC:MP] Re: Basic GTA VC Cheats
« on July 30th, 12:06 AM »
Idk why, but this snippet made me smile, in the good way. :)
Support / Re: Immediately disconnected from server
« on July 12th, 10:28 AM »
Press f8 to take a screenshot, and show us
Client Scripting / [Remake] Re: Anik's Developer Panel
« on July 7th, 11:03 PM »
Quote from Anik on July 7th, 06:47 PM
What kind of bugs it had?
He explained the bug, in the top of the post.
Seems like you copy-pasted the case "SetWallGlitch" many times, then just changed the string name without changing functions too.
So you ended having SetWallGlitch( true / false ) even for cases like SetShowOnlyTeamMarkers, SetTaxiBoostJump and so on.
Support / [Tool] Re: Blender XML Exporter
« on June 30th, 11:51 AM »
Woah, that's awesome!
Great job!
Videos & Screenshots / [Showoff] Proper NOS Effect.
« on June 29th, 05:05 PM »
Client Scripting / [Release] Re: DecUI: A declarative approach to UI development
« on June 27th, 01:02 PM »
From now on, when you gonna join a server, decgui will be there for download 8)
Good job!