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This reminded me of the BOOMbastik Chunder Wheel of Daydream server :D

VCS map makes the VC map better looking.
Glad R* did it
Damn,  only if I would have checked this few hours ago.
Now I need to wait until tomorrow to join that server with demo mission,  haha.

Great job,  man!
All the effort you put into this is enormous,  and the new features sound great!
Glad to see the snow taking over the VCMP community :D
Wish the best! Happy winter!
Doesn't it actually send the data to all players?
I might be mistaken though.
General Discussion / Re: vehicle question xml
Nov 18, 2022, 04:11 PM
Yes,  you must make it be part of the chassis_hi in order to be available all the time.
VCMP cannot handle the extra parts of vehicles,  so there is no way you can enable/disable extras.

Also,  via SetParts you can just set parts like windscreen, bonnet,  doors,  etc
Oh,  I see.  Cool!  Thanks!
We should bring this topic on discord
This is cool!
A nice add-on!

Ps: Is it possible to have a function,  server-side,  which updates a npc's angle?
I remember it existed in the first version of the plugin
Quote from: habi on Oct 22, 2022, 05:12 PMHow is everybody doing..

Much part of the action is on Discord. Join there and you will meet all of us! :D
Welcome back!
I'm a bit in a rush, but here is a list of functions you can use in vcmp:
Search for "sound" and you will see the related ones.

So, you can use such a function in an event like onPlayerJoin, or onPlayerRequestClass (for when switching skins).

You can try the Blank Script to start from:

Wish you good luck!
If you manage to do it, just let us know.
Otherwise, ask your questions/where you have troubles, and maybe more will join the topic.
I've finally downloaded the files. To save some of struggles, here is a mirror of the store:

I tested the server, and liked a lot that you found a good way to use both VC and LC maps in the same time, with custom radar and etc.
If I were you, I would have used water texture with no alpha, for gta3's map. :D

I've seen some interventions of NPCs around map, simulating the traffic, which was kinda cool: cop cars, civil cars, aircraft
And I can see the effort in everything around, especially on the GUI which I cannot really interact with, since I don't know chinese, haha.
(I don't think english will ever be added to the server, since english players will never stay long enough to make a difference because they cannot actually interact with the chinese GUI)

Great job, guys!

PS: Am I wrong, or there is some sort of Translator too? by pressing [Y] key, and shift (for green arrow)
Sounds interesting. Will give it a try.
The use of NPCs makes me more curious, because I see around ~40 npcs joined. Hoping for a real traffic system simulation like in singleplayer, haha.
Quote from: Kenneth Law on Aug 30, 2022, 07:10 AMWhat do you mean by files and story? Does story mean store and files mean the unp.7z which I packed up for maps?

by files I mean .xml, .png, .mp3, _unp.7z, .nut etc. + directories like "maps" "objects" "sounds" etc.
Idk if related, but you can try to see if you have more than 255 files in your story.
(right click on the story directory and check that)

If it is more than 255, then try to "remove" (backup) some, until you get under 255, and try to enter the server again.