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Yes, I know. I recognized it.

Actually, I wanted to port it to 0.4 before Halloween...
So here it is:

There is nothing wrong with any file instead model.dff ... there is something to do about positions, or idk.
Hm, didn't see Thijn's reply.
Here is my reply: It also doesn't work.

I really believe it's model's fault. (there must be more settings I should take care, to place it on head)
A modeller would know the answer...
I have also converted VBS to 0.4 few months ago. You can compare your conversion with mine, and find out what's wrong with your server. :)
Do not forget to post the solution of your problem here.

>Click - Solidfiles<
Can't you just give more details than "not work" ? :|
Learn to be more understable than now.

ON: The plr isn't registered, there is no level specified. This means the server can't return something that doesn't exist.
You didn't check anywhere if the player is registered or not, so do it. ;)
else if ( (pData.account_id) && (!pData.logged_in) ) MessagePlayer( "Error - " + plr.Name + " is not a registered user !", player );
(this supposing you use VBS)
General Discussion / Re: GUPS 1.17
Nov 17, 2014, 07:19 PM
GUPS is made in Pawn lang, while 0.4's official scripting platform is Squirrel.
I suggest you to start scriptiong your own 0.4 server since 0.3 will not be supported anymore once the final version will be released.

You can profit from all new features of the newer version, including downloadable stuff. ;)
You can download a blank script from >here<, and develop it.
If you are in a trouble, just post in the >scripting board< and we will try to help you. ;)

Good luck !
Have you checked if player is registered ?
You better post the /level command.
Do you have any line like this: else if ( !plr ) MessagePlayer("Error - Unknown Player",player) ?
Have you checked if target player is online or not ?
Just seen now the mail. This time I received it. And yes, it is categoriozed as a spam.
I noticed that I cannot edit anything in the wiki because I set no e-mail address.
Once I have set it, I was put on wait until the mail with the confirmation code needed is received.
Unfortunately, I still didn't get any mail, and already passed few days. I have resend the mail, and still nothing.
+ the wiki doesn't finish to load the page... that circle representing the loading, never stops.
@Thijn rofl :D
and Here is the link to the one topic that uses the already added yt embed mod:
You even replied there...

+ the link you gave sends to a code for SMF Platform, and this forum uses Wedge Platform. :)

Anyway, to make it work you have to use the short form of yt video link.
So, instead of use

And you will get this:
General Discussion / Re: help
Nov 14, 2014, 11:36 PM
You want to say that you open your server, and after a while, it just doesn't appear în the masterlist?  It happens to me everytime... I think the problem is the announce plugin or the masterlist.
Good. Can be useful for any game mode. :)
(I actually like to save my own positions, since everyone is used to the olds coords)