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I extremly suggest you to keep away from scripting. For the good of this forum and their moderators.


We're very immensely happy and excited to say that the so expected EA v3.0 is now officially launched to the public! As the preview topic announced, we have been working on a new EA concept which includes the turf features connecting the previous crew feature from v2.5, as the server used to offer back in the very old days. From minor details to complex features, everything has been re-written in a clearer and organized way to avoid issues that have been faced during the old versions. In general terms we have improved stability, the server appearance which are reflected in custom radars, icons, sprites, sounds, skins, and new additions and modifications from the former features, which gives a the new gist and atmosphere that we expected from this project. We can't really explain anything else more deeply, just join and meet the new EA.

Besides all the amazing posibilities you will be exploring now, there are 10 turfs empty and ready to be taken.... So having your crew ready to strike EA isn't a bad idea at all. What are you waiting for? The territorial war has begun, the new TDM hub is here!

Note that we managed to keep your current account stats, everything will be exactly the same excluding your vehicles and your crew. For those who have deposited their money at the bank, feel free to take it out as desired. If you are facing any problem, do not hesitate to ask an admin.

I would like to let know everyone from this community the people behind the scenes. A huge thanks and kudos to our whole staff team but more precisely to: Punknoodle aka Theremin, SahiL, Aaron, Hipnos, Riders, Coudy, who where helping us unconditionally with testings, bug reports, and suggestions (& noodles with his fantastic mapping work!), I appraise the dedication and passion towards EA and this mod. But overall, I must take my hat off and congratulate Doom_Kill3R for this amazing job, barely nothing of all this would have been possible without him. He proved he is really a great (and very perfectionist!) scripter, I'm proud of having you developing!

To extend the announcement, we would also like to declare KILLERX as the first moderator being accepted after 3.0 launch!

Hope you enjoy v3.0 as we will do, we can ensure you will love it!  Thanks for supporting us and happy playing  ;D

~ EA Developers & Staff.
Not so dead. Regards to all the haters who have been moaining since now ;)
Locked. Take a look at the board rules if you know how to read.
Support / Re: how to add cmds ??
Apr 29, 2017, 10:57 PM
Quote from: Shadow on Apr 29, 2017, 07:23 PMI know I'm probably speaking to an army of 10 year olds but you were at the same level of his a few years back (or even months). Why not care to explain instead of hitting him with such replies? Also, when was insulting people for no reason allowed in the rules?
That's why a certain people got banned lately ::)

Welcome to the official VC:MP forums and scripting center.

Quote from: ahmedzead on Feb 07, 2017, 09:36 AMhi all im new in vcmp programming so can any one tell me about add cmds or admin cmds ??? plz :) :)

Scripts are usually made of fuctions and events:

I guess this will be good enough to start with. Command codes go to onPlayerCommand event (

A quick command example taken from the Wiki:

function onPlayerCommand( player, cmd, text )
    if ( cmd == "heal" )
           if ( player.Health == 100 ) PrivMessage( player, "You have the health to maximum.");
              PrivMessage( player, "You healed successfully.");
              player.Health = 100;

You will notice a mix between logic, maths and particular Squirrel syntax which (in case you don't read tutorials or manuals), you will get used to with practicing.
Quote from: GoRcEE^ on Apr 21, 2017, 01:47 PMWith an honesty, I came there to get help instead of abusing my country's education.
@Cool , You said it nicely but replace yourself first and see whatever you got. I know you won't understand me.
@aXXo , I also know the education of India. All the time students spend on checking the color of teacher's brazzer :v
@Thijn, You're a scripter, Right? can't help? Don't act like this. Look at your country first then talk..
Now I think its enough, Leaving it to describe your feelings there. Will lock it.
Asking for help and abuse the term of help are two different things. You came here to ask for an entirely made script which is one of the most complex nowadays. It takes time and dedication, and being a scripter, I personally hate to see this kind of topics. It is easiest way, and I belive Thijn and aXXo are referring to that, so please be so emontional/dumb and read into posts corrently...

Quote:) I need this script in which we have to capture the thing same like flag and the functions like CTF

If you want to create, learn. There is a new tool called internet where you can search for good information. I can say I was a self-taught person when I started making scripts.

Extreme Addicts Vice City Multiplayer Server

Server Information:

  • IP:
  • Slots: 100
  • Host: VRocker-Hosting (Europe Server)
  • Server Gamemode: TDM/Freeroam. Server Script: EA v3.1 (SqMod, MySQL).
  • IRC Echo Channel: #extreme-addicts.echo (LUNet)
  • Server website:

    Extreme Addicts is a GTA Vice City Multiplayer Server founded in 2010 by Castagna and later co-owned by Tato.

    This server community and its legacy has grown along this years holding from experienced players to newcomers, providing fun, interaction between all-around-world players, team-work, and epic wars between skilled players from different generations.

    • An Official Server:
    Not much later after EA server first appearance in VC-MP scene, it has been nominated as official out of a big number of servers online. It has the backing and support of the VC-MP development team and beta testers.

    • Moderated and Administrated 24/7:
    We have covered both in-game and website administration by a great group of admins. This community supports the idea of accepting new members into the team by public staff applications.

    • The Gamemode:
    Extreme Addicts Server has always focused on bringing unique and innovative features into all the gamemodes and scripts we have offered. Being a mix between Freeroam and TDM (Team Death Match) server, you will be free to roam the city streets, have a head-to-head duel, or interect between team/clans in a war!

    • Community:
    We don't really care if you're new or not enough experienced. Everyone will be welcome here! EA server has always been one place for both newcomers and veteran players, we encourage everyone to have fun the way they feel respecting the rules.

    • Join The Server Now!
    What are you waiting for? It's time you get introduced into the Addiction! This server is 24/7 online hosted by VRocker-Hosting company in Europe.

    hi all palyer.

    Quote from: jWeb on Feb 15, 2017, 10:05 PM...And FYI, whoever SLC is. I'm pretty sure he's just a noob. Open challenge m*f*er. I can take him all day long. To show you he's just a noob like you.

    crazye man here.

    Get some sense of humor though please!

    Well, locked for obvious reasons.

    Further trolls and related will result in a forum ban.

    As a christmas present that has been developed from all over 2016 to the latest months, we are launching the first beta version script of Extreme Addicts!

    Not as much as we expected honestly, sooner or later, with my coding partner Kirollos, we managed to accomplish a project which of course it's not done nor finished yet, this is just the beginning.

    We will be opening this weekend, scratching christmas eve, we hope to see you triggering m4 and stubbys around the battle or having fun challenging your friends in a 1 v 1! The server is going to be unlocked this Saturday 24th December at 10:00 (GTM 0) to the public.

    Extreme Addicts v2.0 it is a new script that has been made from the scratch, brining the same old TDM concept we had been holding in our legacy, mixed up with certain RPG elements, and everything else that VC:MP 0.4 offers to server owners to push creativity to its boundaries, in order to combine: fun, newbie/veteran players integration, clan and crews teamwork, and addiction.

    From the ability to build a group of friends, clan-mates or allies that are called Crews that are in a constant fight to dominate territories at Vice City, to the chance of challenge someone in a 1 vs 1 or joining the battle arena in case you want to try a classic. Want to have some quiet time? Take a walk around the mall if you're looking for unsual stuff, custom skins, illegal weapons, or fast food shops to regain your health bar. Owning your first vehicle or purchasing expensive houses around Starfish Island, you choose how to spend the money you managed to earn at Extreme Addicts!

    I would like to hightlight that this is a beta script version from EA v2.0, and many of the heavy features that were planned are not included yet. Besides the server has been tested by developers and staff members, bugs and other unknown failures are expected, so we kindly ask everyone who is willing to help us with reports and notifications to us. Regarding the heavy features, once this beta stage is completed, we are going to implement the rest of the ideas to reach a full version status.

    Massive kudos to my fellows staff members who had shown me a huge mean of loyality and support with private testing sessions and other kind of collaborations. Thanks PunkNoodle, Aaron, Hipnos, SaHiL, Tarkan, Kelvin, Knuckles, Milko!

    Hope you addicts enjoy the server back again, looking forward to see the old regulars and community members roaming the EA streets!

    Visit our website at

    Thanks and see you soon  8)


    Forum fully available for public posting. Admin applications have been re-opened again.

    This server has pretty much covered everything that could be possible made now in VC:MP 0.4, its details and quality, you can easily notice the effort out there. Loved it!
    QuoteAlot of things happen, a good standard is neglected and only causes disappointment, Some may be wasting time on this game, but for me as an example, I'm just trying to do something better, and even I had succeeded ofcourse I wanted something and now I can't be like "I made the best server in VCMP, now give me money as a reward" No, all in all what really had mattered was a fucking attention so that the struggled put into coding it is atleast known to the community and is not dusted.
    @Doom_Kill3R : In case you waste time on making something new and unique, then you do it for the good of the community and players to have a large range of new gamedmodes, not to get official status. If you think the way I do, then you must be happy since no one is blocking you to offer your contributions to the community via servers.

    QuoteI care more about players having a good time in my server :) , thats what its all about!!!  Also i guess 9 out of 10 players look in the browser for servers with players instead of using Officials tab.

    QuoteWell don't worry I'm going to open my own masterlist with more ethical official policies
    @EK.CrystalBlue: Sure go ahead. Official servers will remain as official whether you open or not your own browser/masterlist. Rules can't be revised by those who are not part of VC-MP team.

    QuoteMean a normal guy server can not become Official Right?
    if i am right so this rule is not good this mean if developer or tester have empty server its will also become official?
    This is a very dumb question. Common sense :)

    Quote from: vito on Jul 28, 2016, 05:54 PM
    Quote from: Stormeus on Jul 28, 2016, 05:37 PMNo, it means having been a beta tester or developer. I don't think we've recruited any in a long while. If you look at the list of official servers from 2011, you'll also find that pretty much all of them were run by devs or beta testers.
    You're correct. I don't know history of vc-mp and I don't know real contribution of vc-mp devs/tester in each official server. All I can see - nowdays XE writen by Drake (vcmp tester?) and this is in official list. What is the reason for that, is it there was a server with same name in past or because some old money there in management of new XE - I don't know too. One thing I know is an human nature to help to their friends. And I can't rate it a "clearly bad", it was born in natural selection at last.
    @vito: I think you're a bit wrong here, I'd suggest you to review the VC-MP history deeper.

    Although it is not running right now due to a new script development, Extreme Addicts has been offering unique TDM elements since 2011 as official server, developed, administrated all by myself from the very beginning. It is not such a huge legacy alike the other legendary servers and the activity peaks could oscillate, but it has been always encompassed as LW/XE/EA - from TDM/DM popular servers. This is my input as a beta tester now, although I've managed to promote my server without being in such position. The legacy is important here.

    QuoteWhat about unofficial servers, using Official Server in their server names?
    @Eva: Ignore them and ban them from materlist?

    QuoteNow everybody will invite vcmp devs/testers to their server to wear official rank ;D
    @vito: We are aware of this, and this is not going to happen or provide any chance for thrid-party server owners and founders to be promoted.

    QuoteI don't think its so hard for server owners to have idle manager to get official status. Anyway being in official list means being in social connection with vc-mp's devs
    There is a bunch of people in touch with VC-MP team and it has nothing to do anyway.

    After practically a year of planning, brainstorming, and effort to bring back this community, we are very anxious to announce that Extreme Addicts will be launched officially this weekend 3/10/15 (Saturday - GTM 0 12:00 p.m).
    We will offer a brand new development team and staff, server platform, restyled, and innovated according on what VC:MP 0.4 features tender, in order to give a dynamic way of TDMing besides of the classic gamemodes you could have ever played.

    As a new way to include every player into the server atmosphere, whether they belong or not to a clan, EA introduces The Crews which is one of the hardcore features of this new server version, where players will be able to create such groups, and later on, compete each other to gain/take over 11 Territories all around Vice City. Nevertheless, EAnut v1.0 goes even beyond that. EA has expanded its horizons to include RPG and Freeroam elements as The Spots which are basically separated worlds from the main server hotspot, Stunting Spots & Social Spots.

    From the classic and old features like Battle Mode, EMS, XPs, to custom vehicles such as Ferraris and Rustlers available for EA Club members, achievements to be unlocked, and even more to come upon...

    We advise you stay in touch with EA's new website which is going to be unlocked soon, also stick around IRC @LUNet #extreme-addicts.echo, and add this IP to your favs tab.

    Hope to see some newcomers roaming around the EA streets from this weekend  :)

    And welcome back to the Addiction!