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Vehicle Showroom / Re: Hoverboard( Back to he the Future)
« on November 25th, 05:24 PM »
Awesome! Unusual animation.
Scripting and Server Management / Re: Radar mark
« on November 24th, 05:37 PM »
Quote from Kenneth Law on November 24th, 02:41 PM
Bump, the same question as I want to ask.
You already got the answer above. Change the player's world and all the markers will hide. Maybe that's the only way..
Quote from KX on November 23rd, 01:46 AM
but why OnTimeChange when we can use a timer? I guess doing same thing with a timer is same unless you hate "newtimer" word :P
Perhaps, he posted a example to let others know how the function can be useful like timer..
Scripting and Server Management / Re: timer for heal
« on November 20th, 10:09 AM »
Quote from Inferno on November 20th, 08:05 AM
Quote from Shy on November 20th, 08:01 AM

Assign a value to player when he types /heal, and use the OnPlayerMove function, and make the value false and return a message to player "You moved!".
Event OnPlayerMove is a bad idea to use.

Using variables to store pos and detect after 5 seconds is more effective.

Also just as Dizzaster said,
You are not seeming to try anything.

Do it stepwise to learn better.
Start with an empty test cmd.
Make it simple heal cmd.
Add cash function in it.
Then make it fail if player moves.
Make it for 5 seconds. Etc

An example is.

else if(cmd == "help") { // simple
MessagePlayer("[#ffffff] How may i help you ",player);
return 0;

else if(cmd == "bighelp") { // with cash function.
if(player.Cash < 100) return MessagePlayer(" No money no honey ",player);
player.Cash -= 100;
MessagePlayer(" How may i help you sir ",player);
return 0;

else if(cmd == "heal") { // simplest heal command
if(player.Health < 100) return player.Health = 100;
else if(player.Health == 100) return MessagePlayer(" You dont need to be healed ",player);
return 0;
Nothing is bad unless it's used in a bad way. I guess you were talking about that if you assign the player a value, check it if it's true and make it false with a error message onplayermove event and player instantly types /heal again, he'll be healed in a sec or two. Yes, this is actually bad. But if you do this:
Code: [Select]
heal <- NewTimer("healplayer", 5000, 1, player.ID);
Message("you moved..");
then it isn't bad. It is same as for timers. If you use timers in a bad way, they won't work like expected.. Both ways are good if used correctly and bad if used in a bad way :)
Scripting and Server Management / Re: timer for heal
« on November 20th, 08:01 AM »

Assign a value to player when he types /heal, and use the OnPlayerMove function, and make the value false and return a message to player "You moved!".
I also faced the issue. The only problem I knew how to solve it was;
Click on any server, wait 3-5 secs(nothing happens).
Close browser.
Goto VC:MP Installer.exe(from where you installed VCMP), open it and click repair.
Open VCMP Browser, try joining servers now.

This was the only solution I knew when I used to face it on Windows 7 months ago and I was really annoyed by it doing everytime that I thought to try converting to Windows10......
Community Plugins / Re: logfile maker
« on October 19th, 05:23 PM »
Support / Re: Fuck Apple :)
« on October 19th, 01:19 PM »
Quote from Inferno on October 19th, 11:39 AM
Unfortunately , vcmp is a dead game and it doesnt exist on macbook :(
If it would be dead, you'll be seeing 0 players in every server so it isn't a dead game but a small community.
Support / Re: Fuck Apple :)
« on October 19th, 11:27 AM »
There is no mac version of VCMP and likely won't be.
Client Scripting / Re: Mod Hud Weapon Wheel
« on October 14th, 10:14 AM »
"403. That’s an error.

We're sorry, but you do not have access to this page. That’s all we know."
Also I can't see the image :-\
Looking forward to it! Amazing. :3
A cooldown system without even database(tested) :D


Nice work, inf.
General Discussion / Re: Help
« on October 9th, 08:53 AM »
Since when did forum started allowing topics with title "Help"?

Kindly use a more decent and topic related title rather than acting like a child so the one whom you need to talk/whatever, understands fast :)
Servers / [0.4] Re: Decay Freeroam
« on October 7th, 04:43 PM »
Nice work with UI.
Support / Re: Can't Join - Update Fail- Crash - Wiki Down
« on October 2nd, 09:10 AM »
Is it latest one? If it's ofc, wow. Thanks to Adtec for creating a backup wiki. :D