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Servers / Gangster Miami Server
« on December 31st, 2019, 05:26 PM »

Server Information:
Gangster Miami Deathmatch

The server of fun and DeathMatch comes in VC:MP with the best and most played gamemode "Deathmatch".It's officially scripted by [UF]Spiller and Mursaleen (ex-scripter).It wants to spread its word N word to entire VC:MP.The most credits goto ReborN*.The VC:MP community is invited to come and stay in Gangster Miami Deathmatch.I hope you'll all enjoy! [/B]

Server Features:

Simple DM:
We love simple and pure DM.The server understands your thoughts.The servers has been defined as the pure and simple DM.We are improving much to give you the best DM experience ever.

Custom cars:
We have implemented some custom cars for a type of fun. You may collect cash and buy these cars.The simple cars were boring so new custom cars have been implemented to give you fun experience. The prices of the cars and bikes have been too low. Don't miss to buy them.

Almost many properties have been implemented in the server. Many of these cost just 600K. These properties include mansion,sunshine and film industry.

More Information: