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SLC's Squirrel Plugin / [Sample] Sample SqMod Script
« on November 18th, 2020, 01:06 PM »
I had been learning SqMod lately, so I thought why not create a sample script to make it easier for those who wanna start using SqMod but don't know where to start. So, I created this...

Database: MySQL
Scripter: Anish
Thanks to: SLC, Xmair, Dizzaster, Spiller and Luckshya
The scripts don't contain much features basic features and most events, necessary ones, related to player, vehicle entities. Commands like register, login, autologin and stats. I added the commands just to give an idea of creating commands in the native squirrel plugin style.

Here's the link to the repository: SqDM

Script Showroom / [Squirrel] Discord Bot Script
« on October 25th, 2020, 02:59 PM »
Discord Bot - Squirrel

Author: Anish87 (Me)
Modules used: Sleepy Discord Module for VC:MP(Squirrel) by Luckshya
Thanks to:
Luckshya(for listening to my similar queries again and again),
Spiller(for giving me perfect idea for implementation)

I was messing with the new plugin as the old one stopped supporting any new channels I made, IDK why. Thus, I thought of remaking my old Discord script for the new module. I was having a lil bit of difficulties but Spiller and Luckshya helped me through.
A friend of mine was also confused about the usage of the new module... So, I thought I shall upload this for everyone, to clear the difficulties.
Here's the link to the GitHub repository where I have uploaded the script along with the plugins for 64-bit systems.
Discord Bot - Squirrel
Vehicle Showroom / Some Custom Vehicles
« on July 10th, 2020, 06:42 AM »
Content Type: Vehicles
Original Author: Can be found in the Source Links.
Source Link: Nissan - GT - R35, Turismo - R, BF-400
Modifications:: Just created the XML files, extracted the .COL files and packed the vehicles so that they are ready for use.
Modified By: Anish87(me)
Authorized By Original Author?: No (Couldn't get in touch with him/her!)
Download Links: Nissan-GT-R35, BF-400, Turismo-R
Content Screenshots:



Servers / • Vice Freeroam Server - VFS v1.4 •
« on June 30th, 2020, 06:22 PM »

•[0.4] Vice Freeroam Server Multimode DM •

Vice Freeroam Server, also known as VFS, is a group project. This server was initially started and scripted  by Gito, later on,  [VU_T]Infernoand Anish87 took the charge of scripting and development. VFS is a multimode server, major modes include - Deathmatch, Roleplay, Minigames and Freeroam. The server allows players to deathmatching with each other, rob stores and defend themselves from getting killed while hitlisted by the server, play different minigames such as fishing, smuggling etc. and roam around the map having fun.
Explore new maps added, Find and Purchase new Properties and Vehicle Models (periodically added), Earning cash via various methods and spend it on different stuff

VFS Info :
Server Name - [0.4] Vice Freeroam Server Multimode DM
Player Slot - 69
Gamemode - [VFS]v1.4[SQL]
Server IP -
Map - Vice City
Forum - Click here to go to our forum!
Server Files - : Click to download
Version - v1.4 ( Click here to check latest updates! )
Discord - Click here to join us on Discord!


Vice Freeroam Server, VFS, is a new server with a really uniquely styled freeroam gamemode. The VFS project, as mentioned earlier, is developed and leaded by Gito, [VU_T]Inferno and Anish87. The server contains features of most game modes made in VC:MP so far. You can enjoy deathmatching in the server with different style such as duels, team matches etc. You may roam around the map, having fun with friends. The server contains many different economic systems such as getting revenue from your property, interest on your bank account cash, you can buy vehicles, you can do different jobs to earn money. It has been 7 months since we launched VFS and the server has been getting players' attention since then.
VFS provides players a with a small portion CnR system. Cops can earn high amount of cash by killing wanted players or accepting their bribes. VFS also provides different minigames such as fishing, smuggling and many more. We have already released 4 moderate updates, with many different systems. The latest version is VFS[v1.4], and we will be coming with more and more updates in the future! Don't stay left out, slide in and have fun with us!
VFS Development Team

:edit: Most of the description is changed.