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Off-Topic General / [HELP!] VCMP Graphics
« on October 12th, 2018, 04:05 AM »
Hi i need help with my vice city i have installed Visual Enhancements with Vice City Rextured Project to enhace my gameplay experience as you guys already know when your try to play vice city on 24 inch in 1080p your graphics get blurred and game looks pixelated so installed these mods then i configured this.

This happens game looks good like the chat and the radar look wierd like its trying to hard to turn of anti alliasing but it still messes up, if you guys know any tweaks or anything please share cause the game is good but its old the graphics look messed up on my pc if i play on orignal vice city. As you can see in the picture it still looks a bit blurred out. i also see some players have custom chat fonts and etc.. you guys know how to do that? and can i geta HD version of VCMP loading screen. Thanks in advance!!!

My Pc Specs:

Ps: Click on the image to enhace the size.

Off-Topic General / Game Recorder
« on June 28th, 2018, 11:47 AM »
I need help with Recording vcmp gameplay i dont get above 480p my pc is i7 4790K, 16 GB Ram, Gtx 970 Sli. I dont get it i tried going to the settings gives me shitty quality is there some kind of mod i should install to upscale the resolution. I have seen other vcmp players who have avengerage PCs it at least gives them 720p i tried windows 10 recorder and also tried Nividia Game Overlay.

Like if you see this i want my game to look like this

I can't connect to vcmp cause my anti virus keeps on blocking the update it says its a malware and when i fixed it after downloading it says libpng15.dll is missing cause ur anitivirus blocked it  even though when i restore the file from the anti-virus the same thing happens. I am using windows 10 pro.

Ps: my antivirus is kaspersky anti-virus 2016.