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Object Showroom / [Custom Objects]
« on September 27th, 2015, 05:44 PM »
so here i'm again with a bunch of custom objects as i've created them long ago but never used them so i think you guys might find them interesting or don't it doesn't really matter .
the objects which i created are mostly like tubes sphere and shades and a road some ground and atleast sa-mp's dance floor looking like floor, there are some useless objects too which are transparent i did not removed them maybe you'll find a way to use them , not uploading the pictures because these are alot of objects so it's gonna take a while to upload pics but i'm gonna post some serious screen shots to let you know what i did, added some Pedestrians with them help of @SLC , and a few pedestrians from SA-MP, a Bar which you can use to create some good atmosphere to party, like i have created one already .

Bar Screenshots


included an objects.xml for easy use have fun.
and so on discover everything on your on.

Also if you have request for certain custom objects feel free to pm me .
Tutorials / How to Create Custom Objects/Stuff
« on July 11th, 2015, 06:14 PM »
Here is a video tutorial for creating Custom Stuff, and adding them to the server.

if the video is fast try to pause it and read everything carefully.
Gmax Download link : Click me                                     
TXD Workshop :  Click me 
Kam's Max script : Click me   
Custom object which i created in this tutorial and Objects.xml can be found here : Click me   
if you have any question regarding Custom objects feel free to ask.
if you are wondering why we didn't used other collision types then read this  : Click me   
if you have any question , or you can't add custom objects in the server just replay here i'll try my best to solve it.
watch in HD!

Object Showroom / [Custom Object] VC-MP logo
« on July 4th, 2015, 06:32 PM »
Hi all.
i've created a new vc-mp logo which is more legit i guess.

credits goes to seby for providing me the link to his model, but unfortunately he created his model in Zmodeler which i couldn't use so i created a new one .
i might post some more objects later which i created just for fun purposes eg like Pipes tunnels tubes etc.

Click me

General Discussion / [Release] VC-MP logo Object
« on June 1st, 2015, 11:47 AM »
Well, I've been experimenting out with object editors and I wanted to show you some of my work
Here are the files(.col,.dff,.txd) for VC-MP logo: download link Click here
If you wanna add it to your server, just follow seby's tutorials
i also provided a Bitmap file which you can use to re-texture the object for your need.


Hope you'll all like it  . ;)
Special Thanks to KP and Steam for helping me.
Found a bug while mapping and it's not fixed in 0.4 here is a screenshot
its at ammunation
This is the place you have to go down
This is the bug
you have to move inside of the ammunation which is located at downtown.