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Drake's Free Host / [CLOSED] Host Closed
« on December 25th, 2016, 07:01 AM »
Like every free host ends after some period of time, it's time that this free host should end as well. It's just because I don't have much time to manage all these services anymore and I lost interest from VCMP as well.

For the fun fact, I opened this free service on (26.12.16) which means it will be a full year since I am providing these services. ;D
Well, it's been fun helping out the community.

Current services will be open until 28.12.16, reply here or just PM me in this forum for the backup of your stuff.

Servers / [0.4] XE | European Server
« on July 26th, 2016, 02:12 PM »

Server Information

IP Address:
Author: MK.Drake
Version: XE v2.1
IRC Echo: #xe.european on LUNet
Credits: [VU]Charleyutton, [LBR]George

Releasing on Friday, 29th July 2016, GMT 6:30 AM

Hello, everyone once again!

XE Public Beta #1 was held on 1st June 2016. It was mostly a success despite being plagued with some minor bugs. Over 400 connections were made over a time period of just 12 hours!

The public beta was initially meant to last well over a 24 hour time period but unfortunately, we had a change of plans and were forced to take the server down after a little over 12 hours due to some persisting stability-related problems.

Anyhow, on behalf of the XE staff, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and also offered their vital suggestions on how to further improve the server.
So we spent much of our time fixing the bugs, adding up some new features and also tweaking the existing features on XE server, and I'm glad to report that everything went well.

Today, with much joy and enthusiasm, I hereby invite you all to XE European Server releasing on Friday, 29th July 2016.
Drake's Free Host / VPS Migration
« on March 14th, 2016, 07:07 AM »
I would be migrating the current VPS to a new one today and so all the servers would be down until migration is done and everything is setup.

I hope I would finish up the process today itself but I can't guarantee if something comes up then I would have to continue migrating later on but it will be surely done by tomorrow.
Support / [Server] Port Forward
« on March 11th, 2016, 08:51 AM »
I have port forwarded a particular port from the router correctly and I'm sure of that because the announcer plugin doesn't throw any error and I've even checked here:, and I found my IP listed.

But the thing is that I don't see it in the masterlist and when added in favourites, it says 'Unknown Server' but localhost works fine.
Some help would be appreciated.
Drake's Free Host / Host Downtime
« on January 27th, 2016, 01:13 AM »
Due to some major issues in the VPS, I have to backup all the data and rebuild it. You might see things are not working due to that reason.
Don't worry about your data, I'll back it up and give it to you if you need it because even the panel isn't working.

So I'll be starting the process from today, so it might take some time maybe 3-5 days also but I'll try to finish it up as early as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Drake's Free Host / Removal of Accounts
« on January 19th, 2016, 04:10 PM »
@Zeeshan.Bhatti, your account has been removed for inactivity. You can still apply in future.

@[DS]Anik & @Williams, account belonging to both of you have been removed for using a super bugged script which is consuming much of the Diskspace, RAM and CPU, in short lagging the host. Backup of the scripts will be sent to your email.

Williams, will also be removed because webstats is of no use without the server.

Drake's Free Host / Host's Feedback
« on January 15th, 2016, 07:40 AM »
So it has been almost 20 days since I started this free host, would like to get some feedback from the active clients ;D

@KingOfVC, @Kusanagi, @Williams, @Xmair, @jayant, @NE DiamondBlue and @Diego^, please do the needful by posting your feedback about the host in this thread.
Drake's Free Host / [IMPORTANT] Posting an Application
« on January 15th, 2016, 06:35 AM »
Read this if you haven't read it yet.
Format for each are given below, post it in this board with the title of what you are posting an application for. (i.e. Serverhost, IRC Bouncer, Webhost, MySQL DB/Database e.t.c)

Code: [Select]
User Name:
Email Address:
Server Name:

PORTS USED: Refer to this thread: Link.

Code: [Select]
User Name:
Email Address:
What are you planning to do with this Webhost?:
Forum Software(Optional):
Extra Information(Optional):

INFORMATION: If you want me to install a specific forum software, you should fill up the Forum Software with it and if you don't, just leave it blank.
You'll be only given the authentication rights to the FTP Account and phpMyAdmin if you specify so that you need it in the Extra Information with a reason.

Code: [Select]
User Name:
Email Address:

Code: [Select]
User Name:
Email Address:
What are you planning to do with this DB?:
Drake's Free Host / List of Current Clients
« on January 15th, 2016, 03:27 AM »


KingOfVC - Skylarks Multiplayer VCMP(69) /
Kusanagi - Grand Hunting Project(50) /
Diego - Zombie vs Survivors(50) /
Pumak47 - Trouble in Terrorist Town(50) /
Matedetor - Cops vs Criminal City(50) /
rwwpl - Polski Serwer VC-DM(32) /



Kusanagi - LUnet
KingOfVC(kikii) - LUnet
[DS]Anik(Anik) - LUnet
Diamond - LUnet
Luckshya - LUnet
Sevrin - LUnet



KingOfVC -
Kamran -
Joker -





Zeeshan.Bhatti - Serverhost (Inactivity)
Anik - Serverhost (Usage of lagging script)
Williams - Serverhost (Usage of lagging script)
Williams - Webhost (Useless without server)
MatheuS - IRC Bouncer (Inactivity)
Woodland - Serverhost (Usage of bugged script)
Doom_Kill3R - IRC Bouncer (Lack of trust)
Xmair - Serverhost (Link)
jayant - Serverhost (Lack of trust)
KAKAN - IRC Bouncer (Inactivity)
DiamondBlue - Serverhost (
Drake's Free Host / [ARCHIVE] Drake's Free Host
« on December 26th, 2015, 02:20 PM »
I saw today that S.L.C has closed his free temporary host due to the death of his VPSs, the members got left with no host at all again and so I thought to give them or rather all the other members another opportunity to get hold of one more free host on my VPS.

So, yes its true that you can get hold of a free host on my VPS.
Requirements would be same as S.L.C's host.
I will personally review your script and if it looks shitty and might lag the server for the other users then I'll deny your application or I'll simply ask you to fix your script.

You need to be a trusted member of this forum and I'd like other people to post here if you are not to be trusted. No need to complicate things.

Last but not least. You need to have decency. Why? Because you'll share the same host with other people and they won't like the fact that your script lags or that you're doing some other fishy things. I know how people like to abuse free things. That's why you'll find the applications to be quite severe.
Just post an Application in this board with the appropriate format from here and if you meet the above requirements, I'll mail the authentication details to the email you specified or send a private message in this forum.


VPS is located in France and has enough RAM to host much VC:MP servers at once, so don't worry about VPS lag unless your script is lagging the VPS. I won't be giving out SFTP support but rather a Game Panel which can be used to upload your server files using a WebFTP client, control your server(turn on/off, restart), and check out the console to see errors e.t.c.

If you get any problem in the panel, you can just open a ticket about your problem in the game panel and I'll make sure to help you out there.

Just post an Application in this board with the appropriate format from here.

#NEW: From now on, I'll be providing Webhosts, IRC Bouncers(BNC) and MySQL Databases also.


I own two domains, and I'll select the domain which I'll give you. You'll only be given the choice of selecting your preferred subdomain. Selection of the domain would be as per how well you behave in this forum.
I'll be giving you an FTP account if you need one with which you can manage your files for the webhost and a MySQL DB if you're installing a forum software which is essential.

Just post an Application in this board with the appropriate format from here.


Just post an Application in this board with the appropriate format from here.


Just post an Application in this board with the appropriate format from here.

WARNING: Don't disclose your login details to anyone. I won't take any responsibility if something wrong happens other than that take care that you don't host a lagging script otherwise you'll lose the host.
If I see no activity in your account for more than a week, I'll remove your account and give it to someone else who really needs it.
Scripting and Server Management / ReloadScripts()
« on September 12th, 2015, 12:47 PM »
Hi there,

Is "ReloadScripts()" bugged? I am trying to use it but whenever I try to execute that function, the scripts get reloaded and the server works completely fine but the bot in the IRC channel doesn't disconnects by itself and "ping timeout" after sometime or disconnects if I close the server.
This used to happen in the previous version too.

Support / mpsvrrel64 error!
« on April 25th, 2015, 12:25 PM »
When I try to run 64bit of the server in linux then I get this error :
Code: [Select]
./mpsvrrel64: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by ./mpsvrrel64)

32bit of the server works fine.
Support / x64bit Plugins Wierd Error
« on October 19th, 2014, 03:43 PM »
I have a wierd error ....As I updated The Plugins  and the Server....I got this Error...

Code: [Select]

But when i use 32bits Plugin It worked Fine...Why so?