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Ok i'm back .. it's been a long time and i decided to play VC:MP
The problem is ... i just bought a 144hz monitor and it works like CRAP on VC:MP or VC in general.
To be more explicit it feels like 15 fps because as you all know VC forces your refresh rate to 60 .. and my monitor doesn't like that
G-Sync doesn't seem to help with that the problem is in the game itself
If you can add a client-sided fps command something like
/setconfig game_fps 120,144,240 (etc)
or a server-sided one to force client's fps to 60,120,144,240
That would be great because i can't play the game anymore.. Also alt+tab's take 1-2 seconds .. it's not instant
to be more explicit but i can't show much of my perspective because for that i would need to record my screen :D but i recorded in 144hz that should show half of my perspective

If there is a client-sided fix that i can do please tell me
Clans and Families / Tk- Take Killerz
« on July 17th, 2016, 11:21 AM »
Hello Guys my name is emi and TK is history is SK History
I created SK in 2013 when i started playing VCMP and In 2016 i decided to modify his name to TK
Because the people was rude and bleah..
General Discussion / New VC-MP Installer
« on June 28th, 2016, 04:01 PM »
Hello dear players today i am showing you the new vc-mp installer made by me [Emi]
Download Link Here:
And a video with installer:
New Features:
mutli language support
Splash screen with music
His new install patch is programfiles\VCMP\Vice City MultiPlayer 0.4

Enjoy it :)