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Off-Topic General / [Signator] Xing Signatures.
« on May 20th, 2016, 08:07 AM »
Heya VC"MP Players i would like present
the newly Xing Signatures if you want any signature
of yours Here's the Link Clicky!
Applications / Webhost.
« on May 19th, 2016, 06:02 PM »
User Name: =UK=RDXing_KR.^
Email Address: [email protected]
What are you planning to do with this Webhost?: It's my clan forum
Forum Software(Optional):SMFNEW2
Extra Information(Optional): please convert my to
Servers / [UK] RDXing's Official VC:MP Server
« on May 14th, 2016, 04:30 PM »

so as i opened the clan UK so it's also fair to open a server :D

[UK]RDXing's Official VC:MP Server [DS-Host]


Server Forum:

IP Address

NwC V1.0!

[DS Host] - [DS]RizwaN

Server Staff:
[UK]RDXing_KR.^ ( Developer)
Harish (Head Admin)
[UK]Dhrubo (Admin)
[UK]Z4R45P0 (Admin)
[UK_R]AngeLina.^ (Moderator)

Admin Applications are open Now!!!
Applications / Server Host.
« on May 6th, 2016, 11:08 AM »
User Name: [UK]..Xing_KR.^
Email Address: [email protected]
Server Name: [UK]RDXing's Official VC:MP Server [UK_Server].
Port: 8192
Slots(10-100): 50
Clans and Families / UK - Unbeatable Knights
« on May 5th, 2016, 07:47 PM »

"The VC:MP Heroes"

History:  Clan Unbeatable Knights was First established in 2016 April by RDXing (now known as) _Has[E]eb.^   , when the Clan owner RDXing Left the whole clan was drowned , and now RDXing aka Has[E]eb is back with the new forum.AND many new things , some of the members are kicked and some of them are avalible only interested members are allowed to apply to join the clan UK
Join Us Now

Tags: - [UK] - [UK_R] - [UK_T]
Forum: Unbeatable Knights. Forum
IRC: (In Progress)
Clan Location: International
Server:(Coming Soon)

[UK]_Has[E]eb (Owner & Developer)
Status: Active

Status: Active

[UK]KillerKid (Management)
Status: Active

Status: Active

Status: In-Active

[UK]Durkhani/swiZz (Management)
Status: In-Active

Status: Active

Status: In-Active

Status: Active

Status: In-Active

[UK_T]AngeLina / [UK_T]TiNA
Status: In-Active

Status: Active

Status: Active

Total Unbeatable Knights : 13
Total Unbeatable Knights Full Members : 6
Total Unbeatable Knights Rookies : 3
Total Unbeatable Knights Trainees : 4
Total Active Unbeatable Knights : 7
Total In-Active Unbeatable Knights : 6

Scripting and Server Management / Clearing Ban List
« on April 21st, 2016, 08:04 PM »

How to clear ban list ? i can't find from Browser too
but i needed a limited banned so it would be easy to not to use the f**king command /unban <user>
i used this code but .....

Code: [Select]
if ( cmd == "ban" )
if ( !text ) MessagePlayer("[#ffffff]** pm >> Error - Usage: [#FF0000]/[#ffffff]"+cmd+" [#FF0000][[#ffffff]Nick[#FF0000]/[#ffffff]ID[#FF0000]] [#ffffff][[#FF0000]reason[#ffffff]]", player );
else if ( Stats[ player.ID ].Level < 4 ) MessagePlayer( "[#008000]**pm >> [#FF0000]You are not authorized to use this command.", player );
else {
local plr = GetPlayer( GetTok( text, " ", 1 ) );
if ( !plr ) MessagePlayer("[#228B22]**pm >> [#FF0000][Error] Invalid player.", player );
else {
local reason = GetTok( text, " ", 2 NumTok( text, " " ) );
if ( !reason ) MessagePlayer("[#FF0000]error debes porner la razon", player );
else if /ban +time+
 if else messageplayer( "Error : use This Syntax : /ban < player name> /ban <time> <player>
checklevel (lvl<4 ' You're not allowed to use that command ")
  usage: (getplayername)+ banned from the server for (gettime)+ by admin (getadminname)+
Banear( plr, player, reason );

but still my this harder ban script not working yet so when i tried on my self
Ban Permenantly so i wanna unban my self ;D
i want that commands for my server so please can i have that commands?

/getcar <ID>
[#00ff00]Spawning Vehicle [ <CARNAME>]
/buycar <ID>
[#00FFFF]You've bought the [ <Carname> ] for cash [<cashbought>]
/sellcar <ID>
[#FF0000]Your [<carname>]is selled in Car Showroom in amount of[<soldcaramount>a half of selling price]

/reward <amount> (Admin Command)
[#00ffff]Admin [<GetAdminName>]Rewarded [<getrewardedname>] amount [<amountrewarded>]


i need some commands for my server which is taken from ADM Server V1.0 and i am editing so whenever i add commands
the squirrel gamemode crashes so plz , give commands and admin commands so it woukd be better

Scripting and Server Management / How To!
« on April 4th, 2016, 07:10 PM »
Code: [Select]
function onPlayerCommand(player, command, arguments)
local cmd, text;
        cmd = command.tolower();
        text = arguments;

if ( cmd == "ann" || cmd == "announce" )
if ( !text ) PrivMessage ( player, "Use /" + cmd + " <message>." );
AnnounceAll ( text + "", 3);
MessagePlayer(">> You have announced: " + text + "",player )
How to change it to admin function and i have to access it till 4 Level to the end 10
Since i editing a server so i need a perfect class selection place
please no Fault should be in !
ADM Script But i need if i need to add some admin Commands like
/ann , /reward , /slap, /setweather and much more admin commands
and adding few more commands
like /goto , /gotoloc , /saveloc /askevent and more

Hey YA! I wanted to know how to be an admin in The server
Clans and Families / [YU] Young Unbeatables
« on February 26th, 2016, 10:42 AM »

Young Unbeatables Since 2015
YU is a clan which is for VCMP and Anyone can join ,There are 6 Each Group they are Rockie Trainee Zombie Leader Full Member and Global Moderator
  IRC : Coming Soon
Clan Tags : =YU= (for YU Staff)  [YU] Full Members and Moderator [YU_Z] YU Zombies [YU_R]YU Rockies [YU_T]YU Trainee

  =YU=Amanullah <Active>
  =YU=QuarTz  <Active>

Not Yet

Not Yet

Not Yet

 [YU_R]Air_Crusier <Active>

 [YU_T]Error_404  <Active>
 [YU_T]RiDeR  <Active>

Uploading To SAMP Very Soon now in VCMP  
Tutorials / [Tutorial] If You Got an Error : Connect SQL is not Found
« on January 22nd, 2016, 11:02 AM »
Solution :

1/ Open Your Server and server.exe [executive] When the cmd comes check the plugins have any error or not
2/ If it having so download 0.4 Blank Server  by seby on top of the Squirrel Scripting SUBFOLDER : Script Showroom
3/ Click on The Topic and download it so copy "Plugins" folder to ur SERVER Directory
4/ Open Again server.exe if it is not let it go if there is one error then nothing matters but it should be  ' sqlite04rel64 ' '
5/ Open server.cfg using notepad then write a additional plugin as 'sqlite04rel32'
for ex:

gamemode DmC DM/RPG
plugins squirrel04rel32 xmlconf04rel32 announce04rel32  sqlite04rel32
port 8192
sqgamemode scripts/main.nut
maxplayers 100

then save it
again launch server
 """"Problem Solved!!!!""""""

for more tutorials email me at [email protected]

Support / Admin Commands Please !
« on January 18th, 2016, 02:09 PM »
Can i get all the Admin and Admin maker commands