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Servers / [0.4] FunVice Deathmatch server
« on January 28th, 2020, 12:59 PM »
FunVice Deathmatch server

Information and Credits:


Funvice has been introduced to the public on 07/24/2018 at version 0.1 BETA. The server has changed since then. It was first released as a Minigame and TDM server. The old script contained many bugs, so we had to script a new version, that's when we created FunVice Deathmatch version 0.1 in 2019. Today FunVice is a Multimode server, containing 4 gamemodes such as Roleplay, DeathMatch, Minigames and Story.


• Deathmatch:
In this gamemode you can pick your team and the goal is to kill every other player as many times as possible. You can also challenge other players in a duel using the cmd /newduel or join the FFA arena /fight. Achievements such as death, kill or event achievements can also be unlocked in this gamemode.

• Roleplay:
In the roleplay gamemode there are variations of jobs you can do, just like in real life. You can choose to work an illegal or legal job. Illegal jobs such as robbing the bank or delivering weapons. When doing an illegal job you will receive a wanted level and possibly go to jail if caught by the cops. Job locations are marked with a small green map marker on the radar. Enter the checkpoint at the location to get the job.

• Minigames:
Minigame gamemode is all about enjoyment and fun time. You can pick between the minigames that are in this gamemode. You can invite your friends to play the minigames with you or wait in the lobby for players to join you in a minigame. Once choosing a minigame you need to wait on its lobby for 2 minutes or less until the game starts. If you have chosen the wrong minigame you can use the command /leavematch to return to the main lobby.

• Story:
The story mode puts the player on the character of David. A survivor in an apocalyptic world in FunVice. You'll be able to do missions, tasks, and most importantly kill wanderers in the new story gamemode.  Story mode includes NPC's and dialogues that make the story feel more realistic.

Server Update Logs:

Weapon Showroom / Need help to convert crowbar
« on October 3rd, 2018, 08:39 PM »
I dont know if this is the right board to post but can someone convert this crowbar for me since i dont have any idea how to do it and i also need it for my death run event that i am creating.