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Script and Content Requests / How to lock a bike?
« on September 10th, 09:57 AM »
How can I lock a bike? I've used the code vehicle.Locked=true but players can still get in the bike. So any way to lock it?
General Discussion / New feature request
« on September 10th, 08:42 AM »
It will be much better if we can set weather and time for a certain world.
Just wondering if it can be realized in the future?
Bugs and Crashes / Bug comes with boat's spawn
« on May 6th, 02:55 PM »
I found a very interesting bug which took me about two days to finally figure out how it occurred. The bug is about the spawn of vehicles and the following is the description of it.
Whenever I spawn a boat anywhere, the boat will simply stay at the spawn location without being affected by gravity if there is no player nearby it. And only when a player gets close to the boat, it falls down. For instance, the spawn position for  a boat is Vector(0, 0, 500), and if none of player is around it after it spawns, it will keep stay in the sky at the altitude of 500 instead of falling down itself for the sake of gravity. If you want to test this strange phenomenon, just use player.SetCameraPos to move your view to where the boat is supposed to spawn and spawn it with command while you make sure there is no one near the boat, and take a look at the funny frozen boat being suspended in sky.
This bug only works for boat but not for other types of vehicles. I don't know why but it is really irrational!
I used ScriptProcess in client side for 3D GUI label display but there seemed to be a serious frame issue after this was added.
I wrote some codes for transforming the 3D position of the world into screen position and moving the labels to the position accordingly into ScriptProcess and found that this function which performs callback per frame would lead to a frame skipping, especially when there were too many lines included in the event.
This has been tested for lots of times by making a comparison between the two situations in which I reserved and removed the ScriptProcess.
An evident distinction in frame rate was proved existing between them.
So is there anything wrong with the codes in client script being processed each frame since the frame rate looks unstable and low while they do so?
Please tell me how I can restrict the existence of custom maps (objects) to a certain world?
By questioning this I mean, is there any way to place my custom maps into only one world instead of letting the maps exist in all of the worlds?
Inside the file "maps.xml" I can't decide in which world they are.
I guess someone might suggest me to create objects in scripts but as I've tried, the maps can't be added into the server in this way as they even don't appear at all.
Script and Content Requests / How to rotate a GUI sprite?
« on March 5th, 10:05 AM »
Anyone knows how to rotate a GUI sprite?
I've viewed the link above and found these two codes
Code: [Select]
but have no idea how to use it. I would appreciate if someone could help me with it!