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Support / Re: How to create a forum SMF?
« on February 10th, 2019, 08:58 PM »
Quote from Hendrix on February 9th, 2019, 12:59 AM
do you want to create a forum?
Exactly brother.
Quote from Mahmoud Tornado on February 8th, 2019, 01:21 AM
Quote from Dominio on February 8th, 2019, 01:00 AM
By the way, check the web, but I find that many are only SA, is not practically VC.
The only difference between SA and VC is in the bones, So you must know VC bones and SA bones, in the site it's SA's skin tutorial, open any VC skin with your 3DSMax and see the different.
Thanks for the information provided, now I am more informed.
By the way, check the web, but I find that many are only SA, is not practically VC.

How do I check conversions for VC? :o

Thank you MatheuS, I thank you very much for this answer and your help.
Support / How to create a forum SMF?
« on February 8th, 2019, 12:49 AM »
I have a host account and the .zip file of the file, but of many videos that I have seen none of them are updated and now there is none to help me since all the web pages have been updated, HELP WITH THIS!
I'm waiting for a response from someone who can help me, a topic to forum Server VC: MP.
Contact me in PM!
Also with this help I would like more people to know about this and learn, this for me ... would be a step further from my forum update.
I'm looking for help, can someone please explain how you can convert skins from SA to VC and convert it to VC: MP, I have the required program 3Ds Max and just in case the Alci's IMG Editor, but I do not know exactly how to achieve what I ask in title.
:-[ :(  I am in the process of building an exclusive server, so I do not know how to be admin on my server, someone who can give me a help, tell me how to do admin and full commands.  Excuse me my bad english :/