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Support / How to create a forum SMF?
« on February 8th, 2019, 12:49 AM »
I have a host account and the .zip file of the file, but of many videos that I have seen none of them are updated and now there is none to help me since all the web pages have been updated, HELP WITH THIS!
I'm waiting for a response from someone who can help me, a topic to forum Server VC: MP.
Contact me in PM!
Also with this help I would like more people to know about this and learn, this for me ... would be a step further from my forum update.
I'm looking for help, can someone please explain how you can convert skins from SA to VC and convert it to VC: MP, I have the required program 3Ds Max and just in case the Alci's IMG Editor, but I do not know exactly how to achieve what I ask in title.
:-[ :(  I am in the process of building an exclusive server, so I do not know how to be admin on my server, someone who can give me a help, tell me how to do admin and full commands.  Excuse me my bad english :/