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Script Showroom / [Gamemode] Romania Cops N' Robbers
« on May 2nd, 07:38 PM »
Since I clearly have no more interest in VC:MP, (I didn't open VC:MP for 4 months), I decided, contrary to @Angelo (the other owner)'s intention to release my sh~tty server to this community that I don't think is going to last the next 5 years.

More details in the repository :

To download the server, clone the repo as a ZIP.

Since the n00bs that wanted this server propably don't know how to use GitHub, then I don't mind people that use my server's code for other projects ( that won't happen, RCNR's code is just a mix between my bad, and worse code).

Yes, the entire code is awful because I didn't have enough experience as I have now, even if I shutted down the server on 30 dec 2019).

So yeah, anything else to say? No, excepts my regards. It's time for me to move on other projects and focus on game developing. Shortly: goodbye VC:MP community.
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Client side scripts randomly not working
« on January 7th, 05:23 PM »
Uncompiled client side main.nut scripts dont work.


What you were doing when the bug happened
Starting my script to 0. I got the following error:
Code: [Select]
MSG: Main Script line = (1) column = (1) : error expression expected

Warning in CScripting::Initialise: Loading main script file failed with error message: expression expected.
Warning in CScripting::Initialise: Attempting manual closure load.
Error in CScripting::Initialise: Loading bytecode stream failed with error message: invalid stream.

The code was the following:
Code: [Select]
::test <- "Test Message";

function Script::ScriptLoad()

I tried recreating the script file, rewriting the code, changing the line endings from \n to \r\n .Nothing worked.

What you think caused the bug
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Client side maybe thinking the uncompiled script is maybe a compiled one?

Compile the script using the Squirreil Compiler. Fixed the issue, but still reporting because this is an awful bug.
General Discussion / [0.4rel006] VC:MP API Extended
« on October 4th, 2019, 01:17 PM »


An extension to the VC:MP's API that makes creating plugins hopefully easier by wrapping the original VC:MP API into a namespace with some classes, so the code will be hopefully easier to understand, read and write!

(Small note: the following code examples may not work, because they are not tested.)

How to setup

  • Clone or fork this repository..
  • Open the VS 2019 project
  • Well that's it, have fun.


  • Getters and setters are mostly named like this:
Code: (C++) [Select]
<field type> FieldName_g();
void FieldName_s(<field_type> param);
Atleast in my opinion, its good enough.
  •   Read only fields are often simple functions.
  •   Some fields use dynamic memory, so make sure to free the memory when needed. Example:
Code: (C++) [Select]
char* Name = VCMP::Player::FindPlayer(id)->Name_g();
VCMP::Server::Message(strcat(strcat("[#ff0000]Player ",Name)," joined our server!"));
delete Name;
  • Bug reports and feedback are highly appreciated!

Personal note

   I made this in hope to help persons that want to create their gamemode/plugins in C++ .  Writing this <plugin/extension/addition> took me less than a month as a total time, see the repositories.
   Any feedback, suggestions, they are all welcome since I didn't test this. (Before you say: omg you dont test your shit) I'm going to use this to remake my VC:MP server (RCNR).

   And if you say that the using the original SDK is a better idea, there are some proofs it isnt:
1.) Code is more organised than in the original SDK.
2.) This extension is made, as I said before to help persons that want to start making a server strictly in C++.
3.) This extensions also takes care of some of the possible errors can that happen runtime (if a player exists or not, etc).

Github Repository

Script Showroom / Zombie Survival 0.2
« on June 1st, 2019, 04:49 PM »
This is a rewrite of Zombie Survival 0.1 with more cool features like buyable perks, bonus pickups, perk sprites, and more!

Change log:
'✓'  <- (added)
   '--' <- (to be added)
   '' <- (not added)
     ✓ Added GUIs :
        ✓ Perks are now visible!
       ✓ Shop GUIs
     ✓ Added Pickup Bonuses:
      ✓ Minigun
      ✓ Instakill (zombies die instantly)
      ✓ Immunity (you are almost invincible)
      ✓ Double Score (cash per kill is doubled)
      ✓ Freezer (all zombies stop moving)
      ✓ 500 Cash
      ✓ Just a message in case you are unlucky >:)
     ✓ Added More Perks:
      ✓ Fast Revive (no need to be revived if active)
      ✓ Extra Damage (increases bullet damage by 2 timeas)
      ✓ Fast Health Regeneration (health regenerates 5 times faster) (The original server only had Juggernaut as a perk )
       ✓ Added a simple Revive system
      ✓ This is a complete rewrite
      ✓ Less commands, just walk into the checkpoints to buy stuff! Gameplay is way easier to understand!
      ✓ The only commands are: /help, /skin and /stats
      ✓ Killstreaks list:
         ✓ Power : Activates the Shop! (10 kills)
         ✓ [NEW]Predator Missle : Control a missle fired from a AGM. (50 kills)
         ✓ Insta Heal : Heal everyone instantly (75 kills)
         ✓ Care Package (before named as 'Airdrop'): A plane flyes and drops a package containing either a new weapon, or a bonus pickup (100 kills)
         ✓ [NEW] Armour Package : Place a armour pickup that is usable by everyone! Armour only protects you from falling and explosions,(150 kills)
         ✓ [NEW] Ammo Package : Drop a pickup that gives ammo! (200 kills)
         ✓ [NEW] Chopper Gunner : Control a Hunter helicopter! (250 kills)
         ✓ Emergency Air drop : A airplane drops 2-5 Care Package bonuses (300 kills)
         ✓ [NEW] Reaper : Control a Reaper UAV (400 kills)
         ✓ Airstrike :(Named before as 'Bomb') An airplane drops a bomb that kills all the spawned zombies with an boom. (450 kills)
         ✓ Nuke: Same as Airstrike but it also skips the round, and resets the kill counter. You can't get this by buying a extra killstreak. (500 kills)
      ✓ Many killstreaks rewards were removed and replaced.
      ✓ Chat messages when damaging zombies (Result is less lag)
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] Insane player desync
« on May 1st, 2019, 02:19 PM »
After playing for about 1 hour on my zombie survival server with AlecuMadalin, he got invisible for some reason. His shadow is still visibile. Seems to be fixed by respawining or by rejoining.

What you were doing when the bug happened

What you think caused the bug
My revival system :
Code: [Select]
function Survivor::Revive(Saviour)
Saviour.player.Score += 1;
::Message(GREEN+Saviour.player+" revived "+this.player);
function Survivor::Update()
if(this.NeedToBeSaved == false)
if(this.player.Health < this.MaxHP)
this.player.Health += 1;
if(this.FastHealthRegen) this.player.Health += 4;
if(this.player.Health > this.MaxHP) this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
if(this.player.Health <= 25) this.Down();
this.player.Health -= 1;
if(this.player.Health == 1)
this.player.Frozen = false;
::Message(RED+this.player+" was killed by zombies!");
this.player.Health += 6;
if(this.player.Health >= 100)
this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
this.FastRevive = false;
if(LOADEDMAP != null)
if(::DistanceFromPoint(this.player.Pos.x,this.player.Pos.y,::LOADEDMAP.pos.x,::LOADEDMAP.pos.y) > ::LOADEDMAP.distance)
::Announce("~o~GET BACK TO THE FIGHTNING ZONE COMRADE!",this.player,0);
this.player.Health -= 5;
else if(ZOMBIE_IMMUNITY >0 )
this.player.Health = this.MaxHP;
if(this.NeedToBeSaved) this.Up();
The function Player::PlayerShoot isn't called when a hunter machine gun is used, same with shotguns, grenades, and molotovs...
And the function onObjectShot  isn't called when a Hunter guns are used too.


What you were doing when the bug happened
Working on my Zombie survival server... Tried to reward players with a Hunter on a specific number of kills, but hits don't get detected.

I used this code to see if it is called:
Code: [Select]
function Player::PlayerShoot( player, weapon, hitEntity, hitPosition )
Console.Print("Player :"+player.Name+" "+weapon+" ");

What you think caused the bug
I don't know tbh
Script and Content Requests / [READ-ME] Before requesting content.
« on February 26th, 2019, 05:52 PM »
I'm going to keep this short and simple.

1.) Stop copy-pasting the scripts directly. It makes your code unreadable and confusing. Use
Code: [Select]
[code][ /code]
without the space  between the [ and / . Example:

This is bad:
player.Cash += 5000 + rand() % 5000;

This is good
Code: [Select]
player.Cash += 5000 + rand() % 5000;

2.) No one wants to fix your broken leaked and stolen pieces of code. You better go start learning to write code correctly. There are some links to get started.

There are some links to get you started... (Yes learning other languages is a great practice)

3.) Don't make thread titles like :
Code: [Select]
I wants scripst pls pls pls help me fast cuz imma gonna die if i get no scripts :((((
Code: [Select]
Pls scripts help

Writing forum threads like this makes you look like an absolute retard.

4.) If a plugin like the MySQL, INIParser or SQLite isn't loading , then stop making your server.

So, please newbies, keep these rules in mind.
Script Showroom / [OLD] Zombie survival 0.1 by Athanatos
« on January 5th, 2019, 03:38 PM »
Since this gamemode is soo laggy when there are more than 1 player, and I got bored of making it, there it is.

Download link in the video's description.

(click to show/hide)
1.) Get a copy of sseebbyy's blank server
2.) Copy the files from the folder into the blank server
3.) Done!

General Discussion / Windows 10 VC:MP Problems, please help
« on November 11th, 2018, 07:53 AM »
Hi there, one of my firend returned to vc:mp, but his mouse wasn't working in the game, but it was working in the main menu. I tried adding the dx input 8 dll, setting compatibility mode to Windows 98/ME and XP SP2, running compatiblity assistant, deleting the VC user files, setting the resolution to biggest and lowest values.

   I'm looking for a solution from ya. I was thinking about using Silent Patch in VC:MP but I think this is possible.
General Discussion / Looking for testers for my VC:MP server.
« on October 4th, 2018, 08:30 PM »
Hello there. I need at least 2 persons to help me find bugs, glitches and things like that in my server 'Romania Cops N' Robbers '. PM me or post there if you are interested.
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] vehicle.Health bug
« on October 2nd, 2018, 04:13 PM »


vehicle.Health does not show correct values. Carefully watch the game chat.


What you were doing when the bug happened

What you think caused the bug
Lastest updates.