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Off-Topic General / [RELEASE] A pretty bad heatmap module...
« on February 15th, 2018, 07:23 PM »
Simple as that, it just paints your position on top of a map BMP. Inject it however you wish and enjoy it (if anyone's ever going to use this ::) )

Any contributions are welcome
Credits to Crys's livemap plugin for the map.
Any more comments which include personal affairs and insults in others' topics will be removed. Doing this just for the sake of improving your posts count or simply spamming will get you banned in no time. If you want to argue with someone, do it over PM or bring it on chatting applications, not on the forum, mainly, not on others' topics.

This is the last warning for all of you.
Community Plugins / [C++] Vice Racing
« on August 23rd, 2016, 10:38 AM »


/lastcp - Returns you to the last checkpoint.
/reportbug - Reports a bug and allows it to be seen by the developer(s).


Please leave any bugs/crash reports below and try to describe them in detail. The server is still in beta and has a few tracks.


  • S.L.C - for teaching me better C++ practices and how to optimize my code and helping me with ideas and fixes.
Does it happen to you aswell?
This is the object.xml format of the objects

Code: [Select]
<object id="0">
<flags value="0"/>
<texture path="newtrack.txd"/>
<collision path="nw.col" name="advertisements"/>
<model path="advertisements.dff" distance="1000"/>
<object id="1">
<flags value="0"/>
<texture path="newtrack.txd"/>
<collision path="nw.col" name="biggrandstand"/>
<model path="biggrandstand.dff" distance="1000"/>
<object id="2">
<flags value="0"/>
<texture path="newtrack.txd"/>
<collision path="nw.col" name="garage"/>
<model path="garage.dff" distance="3000"/>

..and the 7z

(click to show/hide)

Also, running the game with config 'game_showdebug' set to 1 prints no error. The game doesn't disconnect me either.
I really think this is a very useful feature which would get rid of the nuissances. Also on the matter, Vehicles should also have a .Rotation member, atleast read-only.
General Discussion / Requesting .Rotation member for GUIElement
« on August 14th, 2016, 06:35 PM »
The title says it all. How could such an important feature be ommited? Why was it not implemented, but Rotation3D was?
Bugs and Crashes / Checkpoints have a funny behaviour
« on August 12th, 2016, 09:41 PM »
I was trying to implement checkpoints for a racing gamemode that I coded and I came up against this. Using spherical checkpoints, I tried to change their position. The server reported the position change but the checkpoint disappears upon entering it's radius and reappears in the new position only after I go out of the streaming range and return.

Proof of server managing to return proper position with code example below:

(click to show/hide)

Code: [Select]
int SphereCheckpoint::CreateCheckpoint(Player player, int32_t world, uint8_t isSphere, Vector3 position, RGBA colour, float radius)
if (this->b_Initialized)
OutputError("Error in SphereCheckpoint::CreateCheckpoint. Cannot intialize the same checkpoint twice.");
return -1;

if (!player.IsValid())
OutputError("Error in SphereCheckpoint::CreateCheckpoint. Player instance is invalid.");
return -1;

int checkpoint_id = gFuncs->CreateCheckPoint(player.GetPlayerID(), world, isSphere, position.x, position.y, position.z, colour.r, colour.g, colour.b, colour.a, radius);
if (checkpoint_id < 0)
OutputError("Error in SphereCheckpoint::CreateCheckpoint. %s.", GetErrorMessage(gFuncs->GetLastError()));
return -1;

this->b_Initialized = true;
this->nCheckpointId = checkpoint_id;
OutputInfo("Creating checkpoint at [%s] for player [%d] with radius [%.3f] with ID [%d].", static_cast<std::string>(position).c_str(), player.GetPlayerID(), radius, this->nCheckpointId);
return checkpoint_id;

Code: [Select]
vcmpError SphereCheckpoint::SetCheckpointPosition(Vector3 position)
if (!this->b_Initialized)
OutputError("Error in SphereCheckpoint::SetCheckpointPosition. Unitialized checkpoint.");
return vcmpError::vcmpErrorNoSuchEntity;

vcmpError error = gFuncs->SetCheckPointPosition(this->nCheckpointId, position.x, position.y, position.z);
if (error)
OutputMessage("Error in SphereCheckpoint::SetCheckpointPosition. %s", GetErrorMessage(error));

return error;

I was trying to recreate and delete the checkpoints upon entering their radius but I came up against another funny issue which happens with spherical checkpoints and standard ones. Only 1/2 of the spherical checkpoints could be deleted and, despite calling the DeleteCheckpoint method from the plugin header, they would still trigger the OnCheckpointEntered event.

Proof below with video and code
(click to show/hide)

Code: [Select]
void SphereCheckpoint::Respawn(unsigned int playerID, int32_t world, Vector3 position, RGBA colour, float radius)
OutputError("Error in SphereCheckpoint::SetCheckpointPosition. Unitialized checkpoint.");

this->nCheckpointId = gFuncs->CreateCheckPoint(playerID, world, 0, position.x, position.y, position.z, colour.r, colour.g, colour.b, colour.a, radius);

I was told spherical checkpoints tend to have such 'undefined' behaviour so I tried with standard checkpoints. Without success. Using the same chunk of code from above, the checkpoints would be half-invisible, non-deletable and some wouldn't even trigger the pick-up event.

Proof below with video:

(click to show/hide)

As you can see in the last video, I even managed to pick up invisible checkpoints!

Must mention, no errors are thrown and, as you can clearly see, the checkpoints call the respective event. Some of them even come up on the map!

If anyone knows a better substitute for checkpoints (aside of 6 pickups), please let me know. Hope this report covers all the information needed to troubleshoot the issue.
Videos & Screenshots / Surfing the web
« on July 24th, 2015, 08:16 PM »

Vid #1

Vid #2

nothing special, just having the fun.
this was done with a huge library.
Servers / [0.4] Personal project - Zombie server
« on April 26th, 2015, 12:42 PM »

What is this?

This is a personal project of mine which implies downloading a module and running it with GTA-VC (it'll be loaded by default, few configuration required) which allows for interesting game extensions which I'll present below.

What features does it have?

  • Server features
  • Client features (extended from VCMP)

Server features consist of a great map which contributes to the emotion and the feeling, with well choosen objects at the right places, a loot-drop system which consists of spawned weapons/items (such as gas cans, painkillers) around the map with certain odds, random bullet amount and stacking system and a vehicle energy-system which only consumes energy while the engine is running (so you'll have to stop the engine if you want it to not consume energy).

Client features consist of zombies which are server-controlled and other exciting stuff which I am still thinking of. I'll drop a video below so you can see exactly what I am talking about:

There will be more zombie skins added and more features which I'll add whenever I have time to. Zombie models are not replaced in the gta3.img file, they are loaded in memory by the module so you don't need to worry about that.
NOTE: The server and the module is not finished yet, I am still working on it and will try to make it available as soon as possible. This project is not open-source and will never be released as open-source. This is only a teaser.