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When you shoot an (tracked) object with explosions, the onObjectShot function is called for all the spawned players.


What you think caused the bug
Explosion tracking was fixed in the QoL updates, it possibly exists ever since.
Quote from AdTec_224 on December 24th, 2020, 09:01 PM
  • Fixed an issue where onObjectShot was not being called for explosions
Used this code on a blank server:

Code: [Select]
local Tree = CreateObject( 444, 1, Vector( -337.578, -519.728, 11.9022), 255 );
Tree.TrackingShots = true;

function onObjectShot( object, player, weapon )
if(object.ID == Tree.ID)
Message("[#7A7A7A]Shot by: [#C0C0C0]" + player.Name);

Edit: Looks like a report already existed for this too ( :facepalm:

Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Re: Vehicle.Health returns 1000 for HP beyond that
« on November 3rd, 05:09 PM »
Quote from Athanatos on November 3rd, 03:07 PM
I reported this one too, but no one said anything
Ah I didn't see this.
Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Vehicle.Health returns 1000 for HP beyond that
« on November 3rd, 01:05 PM »
Vehicle.Health (serverside) always returns value as 1000 if the actual HP is greater than that.
If you try to set HP higher than 1000, it will reflect as it should although Vehicle.Health will only return 1000.
Clientside works fine in this case.


Quote from HunTinG
with no grudges held i can say this..
Imagine saying that meanwhile going to an extent of making a fake video on me. Your guy got my name wrong, I don't play on that server and I doubt I ever will. Ya'll need 30 more IQ to even qualify as mentally retarded.

Keep doing this and there's 1 less place among the handful where you can make a post at. Close your eyes, imagine yourself to be a more likeable person, now open them up and cry.
Support / Re: Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted
« on October 28th, 02:57 PM »
Quote from Athanatos on October 28th, 01:11 PM
Well my question is now : how can things get worse? Because I have no ideas.
Things find a way to get worse, everytime I think the roof is closing in.

Alright man, Harold and whoever this gray name thinks he is have managed to piss me a off a little bit. I was waiting for some evidence which actually proves something yet these ungrateful fucks keep promoting a slogan to denounce me. I gave you a fair warning.
Quote from EnForcer on October 26th, 04:28 PM
The reason behind letting him play is simple if we ban or kick him he crash our server instantly just and then that's why due to having players we let him play until we got any fix for that crashes and aXXo also did same he let him play in Koth.
So can you justify why they didn't go play in KoTH, instead they come in Ravens and start calling everyone else?
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^ Nassim's involvement with Kewun has been shown later in the post

Quote from EnForcer on October 26th, 04:28 PM
As it's not first time PL's making drama, they did it before with us as well. Since start of the CTB they were jealous from us. We had some problems and it was unexpected that these Problematic Legends were still planning against us from a long time
You're literally shitting yourself here. Let me be clear, we haven't cared about you or your server in the slightest. OneVice was providing services to your server (and does to this day - yet you're throwing shit, at us?) and what bothered us was Kiki's involvement because that doesn't sit well with us, considering the history.

So tell me again, what version of SqMod does CTB run on? That old plugin version isn't even available publicly anymore, must have gotten it off kiki? The scripts were RTV3's, and the way they're written, they're unintelligible, straightforward bullcrap - there's no way on god's green Earth you make a server out of it without his involvement. Yet, we let it go, every single time.
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Quote from EnForcer on October 26th, 04:28 PM
here are some screenshots of Problematic Legends:
I'm gonna settle those screenshots once and for all. Ask yourself if every single word in those screenshots is not justified or not. You deserve all of it. Because everytime a server crashed or got attacked - you guys were there, you knew it. And yet you point others as problematic?
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Also something you might not have expected to come all the way here. Your beloved Harold snatching his own copy of aurora. After literally begging down on his knees last time he got banned for it.
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And then Nassim. You'll prolly not find braincells on this guy even if you were searching with the floodlights on.
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Quote from EnForcer on October 26th, 04:28 PM
Further proofs that we aren't with Kewun, Even Kewun himself admitted that we aren't with him ( PM WITH FROST ):
If it wasn't clear before, this is not how the world works. Why'd he admit to it? He literally starts off with he's not gonna share that information.

Time for you to face the facts it seems. I hope this is enough "strong" evidence for you. Maybe next time you'll choose your words more wisely.

Quote from HunTinG on October 28th, 02:22 PM
dafuq does that video have to do anything with our subject?
you here to troll? loool then you chose wrong guy im afraid
Must have thought of that when you started putting GUI sync baloney into this topic as well.
And about all of those videos, you can engrave it all on plywood, polish it off and shove it so far up your ass that it never sees the light of sun again, because no one cares. Imagine posting gameplay videos on this.

Then again, number of servers unbanned on, muscle fat and IQ being the same number, I only expect as much from you. Oh also, you're the guy who played on RTV after saying there's much more opportunities. I can name the perfect place for you, go Xbox One - you can have healthy conversations with virgins ready to scream about the positions they can fuck your mother in for the whole night, fits your personality even.

Jesus why does everyone wants to go down this road?
Support / Re: Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted
« on October 28th, 08:50 AM »
Quote from SpittingFacts on October 27th, 06:50 AM
Nothing personal? After all the mess you've created so far by blaming certain players/servers and making vcmp developers Blacklist/ban the targeted server just because it gained players over your servers...
Isn't it funny how you can't spit your name, let alone facts. And yes, not personal, if I fuel the drama and get thrown with a lot of shit in return, that would only make the topic more likely to get locked. Good luck with that unban afterwards.

I'm just asking if you have anything to prove that it was infact P4P4 who caused this mess. Because the way I see it, Kewun would never in a thousand years want players to join a VCMP server. Since the thing with him is like:

A VCMP Server: runs
Kewun: "and I took that personally".

Harder even to believe now because one of the front guys defending this turns out to be clearly invloved.

And as about surpassing playercounts, I do not envy that, it is more trouble than not. RTV is only designed for regular playercount and that too only if they vote for maps of optimal size.

Quote from Athanatos on October 28th, 01:35 AM
lmao imagine a community where you get called butthurt for defending your server against attacks.

Quote from HunTinG on October 27th, 10:49 AM
Support / Re: Wrongfully accused and Blacklisted
« on October 27th, 05:31 AM »
Quote from HunTinG on October 26th, 09:27 PM
kewun is working together with RTV staff, it's clear and concrete
Yes, Kewun my bestest friend, we even share toothbrush, see:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Anyway, the multiclient playercount stunt that I did, it was all to mock his crasher, NewK knows about it. Here's the complete screenshot. Besides, I don't expect neither yours nor Kewun's little brain to comprehend any logic. One claims to have hacked NASA other thinks client side GUI causes server lag.

About Ravens, I have nothing personal, the unban is now upto VCMP team. I just shared what I witnessed. And cut it already with the irrelevant crap, trust me you don't want to go down that road, I'm only holding back because there's a time and a place.

I didn't know about the P4P4 situation since I'm not one to shake hands with the kind of a scum he has become.  I don't buy any of the screenshots you've shared because why would someone admit to something completely against their interest. If you have anything that proves it, please share.
Object Showroom / Re: Problem with some objects
« on July 2nd, 04:34 AM »
/setconfig game_showdebug 1

Use that and then enter the server, it should give you an idea about what is wrong.
Servers / Re: Rob The Vehicle (IV)
« on June 19th, 01:29 PM »

Hello everyone, it's our pleasure to announce to you Rob The Vehicle IV: Championship!

It will be a team built championship without any specific rules to how a team should look like. Gather a group of friends and apply together to rob as much vehicles as possible!

This is how it works:
• The team consists of 8 players as a maximum number, with 1 captain you decide among your team and 7 more players.
• Before every set of matches, two bases will be announced to be played in every match.
• Third base will be selected during the match by a vote-ban system to make a total of 6 rounds.
• The matches will be in 5v5 format, substitutions will be allowed.
• The number of matches for every team will be decided once the deadline for applying is over.

The gamemode:
• As an attacker, your goal is to steal the vehicle and bring it to your checkpoint to be able to grab the win.
• And as a defender you have to defend the vehicle from being robbed under any circumstances to be victorious.

The applications are open now, so what are you waiting for?
Gather your gang and apply now! Applications close on 3rd July.

Want to give a helping hand to staff in organizing matches? Apply as a referee.

Further details available on the forums.
Click here to join our discord.
Servers / Rob The Vehicle (IV)
« on April 24th, 07:44 AM »

Rob The Vehicle (IV)
Releasing Sunday 25th April, 16 GMT

Greetings VCMP, the wait is over! After a long hiatus, Rob The Vehicle is finally coming back.

Rob The Vehicle is a team-based gamemode where one side applies their full force to steal and deliver the vehicle while the other defends it against their tactical attempts.

A while back, the server made its place in our hearts as one of the most popular servers VCMP has ever seen. After a chain of successful beta tests, OneVice is now reanimating the orange heaven.

( gameplay footage by Firecum / Karna )

We invite everyone to join us in the release event on this weekend.
Read more about the release here.

server files

Team OneVice
Quote from HunTinG on April 19th, 11:31 AM
well, you do as you consider, I have told you the 99% real reason (that i believe),if you want to ravage your servers, be my guest.. I don't explain twice to somebody
If you don't explain anything twice then I expect you to understand something that has been logically backed and explained in one turn, especially something you have zero to little knowledge about. You're not even sure at this point and have already gotten to a point of blaming VCMP and the entirety of server developers?

Take this example: RTV 4 was tested totally in public and the GUI was built over stages. People have tested and played the server both with and without the GUI. Then how come not even a single player complained about sync issues if it is so certain that GUI causes this?

If I were you I'd be grateful for these features instead of going around and berating them.
Quote from HunTinG on April 18th, 10:58 PM
0:06 in the second video - as you can see the player got hit
0:35 too in the second video.
1:31 in the first video - the same thing happened in first video but this time his hp didnt drop.
Placebo, there was no difference at all.
Quote from HunTinG on April 18th, 10:58 PM
when i was shooting grenades, for some reason they 90% of the time were NOT getting hit, not bouncing, acting like solid objects, usually taking like 5 shots to make it bounce off the ground and fly
Now this is interesting, how is GUI related to grenades bouncing or not bouncing?
Quote from HunTinG on April 18th, 10:58 PM
so, like gangstaras said:
- quote -

maybe it should sound something like "Server needs as less use of GUI, only for selecting packs and voting bases" ...
Do you even understand how GUI works?

You namedropped a few servers with the assumptions that HD Sprites, frequent use of GUI or high GUI store size would cause sync issues. I wouldn't completely agree with you even if you said performance issues let alone sync.

Talking about the high dimension thing in specific, sprites are (mostly) relatively sized according to your resolution. And high store size will have what impact, what harm at worst do you think a few extra megabytes of size would cause?

The performance is identical with all the GUI loaded (1) and with no GUI loaded (2). 60 FPS @ 1280x720 windowed.

Besides the GUI store size is under 1MB in size. A lot of stuff was created completely using GUICanvas. I could throw a humungous chunk of those and you wouldn't feel a thing.

Yes, some servers for sure just "throw" stuff in GUI and it ravages the performance, but it always can be optimized and has to be.

I will agree to you with the EC scenario but that most certainly is not caused by UI sprites. KoTH, RTV, TDW or EA, they all feel the same to me even though I do not have a very good PC at present moment. Instead CTF feels a little different, it might be just because of the fact that I don't play a lot there.

Even if all the mentioned servers were to remove all the GUI, there would be no change sync wise.
Stop shoveling assumptions everywhere.
Although I don't think there was a need, but for the sake of it, we tested it.

Assuming that the GUI is client side and should cause an individual effect, a duel should perhaps be a fair comparison ground. (Obviously keeping any other factor constrained)

Spot the difference for yourself (if any):

(with GUI)

(without GUI)

I'm not even sure what issues are you even referring to, is there a way to reproduce that specific part?
Or a video to show what would be the ideal difference on a perfect day?
I don't understand how GUI can affect a server's stability.
Crippling client's FPS through manipulation of GUI elements (especially labels) for animations is a possibility but that ends right there.