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Support / Re: A small request
« on August 3rd, 2019, 08:58 PM »
Quote from Piterus on August 3rd, 2019, 08:15 PM
i just wanted to ask for source code of vcmp 0.4.
As I know VC:MP 0.4 isn't open source, also no need to create new tab in brower special for it - on masterlist are available servers with Liberty City/Liberty City Stories map.
Nah you just didn't understand. This mod in short time will be finished. Also this will be a full port for lcs game. So that you just don't need to download map. This have different weapons, scripts ect... But it's built on VC engine. So new tab in launcher should be for gta-lcs.exe or new LCS-MP launcher. I just wanted to ask for this, not a modded server with mvl stuff.
Support / A small request
« on August 3rd, 2019, 07:25 PM »
I just wanna make lcs-mp for "re lcs mod". And i just wanted to ask for source code of vcmp 0.4. Or "new tab" in vcmp client for gta lcs.exe. I renember older builds that had support for "GTA Vice City: Liberty City" mod.
Servers / [PL/EN] Re: Polski Serwer LCS-DM (with Liberty City Stories map)
« on October 20th, 2016, 01:40 PM »
I like this server, just like 'refreshed' LU-DM. :D
Bugs and Crashes / Re: List of bugs and suggestions
« on August 11th, 2016, 09:36 PM »
Idea: Player animation ped.ifp and swimming script.
Clans and Families / Re: C.R.C Clan
« on August 9th, 2016, 09:45 PM »
C.R.C original founders is Kewun and Kevin, but neocortex took C.R.C and we created T.B.R clan, next we took back our clan.

neocortex fake C.R.C clan is full of hackers. We are clean right now.
Support / Why this mvl does not work?
« on July 23rd, 2016, 08:13 PM »
Like in topic, why?^ All is good i think,
Servers / [0.4] Re: Personal project - Zombie server
« on July 21st, 2016, 05:36 PM »
Wait wait wait, npc's? How u maked it?
Scripting and Server Management / How to add Bots to server?
« on July 20th, 2016, 08:59 PM »
How to add bots to server? I want add bots to zombie and humans server for more funny gaming. How to do this?
Applications / Server Application by TheRouke
« on April 4th, 2016, 02:36 PM »
First Name: TheRouke
Last Name: Null
Email Address: [email protected]
Server Name: T.B.R Clan v2.0
Port: 5000
Slots(10-100): 25