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Support / No Cars in the server
« on June 23rd, 2017, 09:54 PM »
i used the blank server and i use the new plugins and everything is good :v
no errors , bugs or hosting problems
and the console is working proberly to even one wrong
that is cars pos :v
Code: [Select]
<Vehicle model="191" x="338.6310" y="-237.6571" z="29.1708" angle="98.9897" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="149.2859" y="-1149.9199" z="31.3094" angle="239.5351" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="323.4258" y="-278.1154" z="35.4035" angle="5.3742" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-542.1738" y="792.2469" z="97.0344" angle="336.3952" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1186.4758" y="76.4269" z="10.6504" angle="52.8653" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="101.3112" y="-1472.5735" z="9.9521" angle="275.9432" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-676.05" y="749.44" z="10.90" angle="243.1996" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="97.7001" y="-1475.9623" z="9.9563" angle="173.3619" col1="0" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="91.2412" y="242.9259" z="21.4487" angle="127.1787" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-1009.4338" y="186.8296" z="11.3937" angle="351.5172" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-994.8803" y="193.2692" z="11.4204" angle="76.9205" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="130" x="-598.1232" y="622.5588" z="11.7840" angle="91.9153" col1="18" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-631.2451" y="-1456.9464" z="5.8690" angle="335.9804" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-624.0446" y="-1459.0283" z="5.8552" angle="314.2722" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-616.4828" y="651.4387" z="10.5640" angle="348.6626" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-611.2023" y="651.9318" z="10.5676" angle="333.8794" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-605.1564" y="652.4683" z="10.5843" angle="339.8292" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-587.9245" y="654.5039" z="10.6044" angle="336.7441" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="166" x="-582.4528" y="655.5148" z="10.5830" angle="327.5977" col1="14" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-577.7695" y="650.5206" z="10.5597" angle="12.5459" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-596.3391" y="675.9069" z="10.7617" angle="142.2299" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-665.3930" y="805.4311" z="11.0370" angle="179.7041" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-665.3428" y="783.4216" z="11.0371" angle="180.0831" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-650.4547" y="754.2264" z="11.2033" angle="266.7828" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-639.0520" y="753.5862" z="11.2032" angle="266.7841" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="-600.3902" y="807.4341" z="11.2114" angle="263.8463" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="227" x="-614.1934" y="803.9073" z="29.6660" angle="1.2667" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-784.7332" y="672.1744" z="10.8495" angle="89.7786" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="135" x="-768.0613" y="665.6818" z="10.9137" angle="91.5195" col1="2" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-774.2057" y="995.6342" z="10.8461" angle="271.1632" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="159" x="-752.8378" y="1003.8906" z="10.8649" angle="359.9301" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-780.7037" y="1026.5653" z="10.9394" angle="88.3382" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="130" x="-650.2558" y="920.8828" z="11.1857" angle="91.0021" col1="18" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="137" x="-694.1721" y="926.0735" z="11.1955" angle="268.8809" col1="3" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="137" x="-751.7783" y="927.2592" z="11.2812" angle="56.6550" col1="3" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-774.4608" y="977.6279" z="10.8241" angle="180.5240" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="192" x="-803.5596" y="959.3724" z="10.6343" angle="271.9642" col1="68" col2="78" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="192" x="-715.9547" y="1065.1605" z="10.5446" angle="242.0198" col1="68" col2="78" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-496.2343" y="1208.0430" z="7.0726" angle="151.6175" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-521.5993" y="838.3251" z="11.1270" angle="326.8671" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-392.5302" y="894.8767" z="10.6133" angle="339.7856" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-528.6176" y="1203.7877" z="7.2948" angle="330.5338" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-447.5215" y="1203.1743" z="9.2052" angle="270.8528" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-448.7614" y="1185.0378" z="9.5395" angle="93.0431" col1="41" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="149" x="-594.9833" y="1346.0950" z="11.5229" angle="114.8051" col1="47" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-822.9012" y="1310.8057" z="11.1059" angle="159.9270" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1476.8434" y="1047.7759" z="264.1451" angle="217.4100" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1347.2435" y="1055.6526" z="264.0510" angle="156.2663" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1279.8364" y="993.2283" z="262.8954" angle="90.2378" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1351.7225" y="934.1428" z="262.0353" angle="14.6320" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="234" x="-1515.2861" y="983.0940" z="263.1325" angle="282.8845" col1="-1" col2="-1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1346.5970" y="1448.2627" z="299.1477" angle="321.8539" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1311.7345" y="1446.4861" z="298.8468" angle="49.8741" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1323.5178" y="1439.1461" z="298.8476" angle="9.8079" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1296.2511" y="1458.1401" z="298.8468" angle="77.2460" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-1421.0701" y="1488.8687" z="302.1499" angle="73.6359" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-1127.0664" y="1511.9712" z="11.9682" angle="357.7274" col1="1" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="173" x="-985.4117" y="1344.1613" z="11.7257" angle="47.3206" col1="93" col2="77" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-918.6592" y="1130.1572" z="10.9791" angle="129.1441" col1="13" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-782.4065" y="1116.9678" z="10.0661" angle="0.3381" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-771.0571" y="1154.9764" z="12.6235" angle="180.7035" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-756.0136" y="1074.7358" z="9.2508" angle="91.9495" col1="35" col2="35" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="96.4878" y="1090.1553" z="16.0475" angle="211.5273" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="48.7824" y="1100.7084" z="17.2732" angle="182.7325" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="-4.4181" y="1147.7140" z="19.4285" angle="205.1626" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="179" x="18.5310" y="1140.2460" z="19.6552" angle="124.7352" col1="16" col2="74" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-142.0661" y="1022.3298" z="7.5074" angle="8.5241" col1="1" col2="90" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-390.174," y="397,10.0537" z="132,36" angle="173.0398" col1="41" col2="29" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="334.1074" y="1201.4971" z="17.1962" angle="268.0051" col1="33" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="204" x="395.3799" y="989.4377" z="12.1038" angle="245.0027" col1="17" col2="17" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="287.0439" y="1037.1035" z="13.2244" angle="11.1845" col1="33" col2="33" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="230" x="208.6151" y="1229.4574" z="17.4755" angle="295.1513" col1="48" col2="65" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="230" x="-1106.8494" y="292.9714" z="12.3273" angle="271.9934" col1="48" col2="65" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="216" x="-1002.6074" y="206.0241" z="11.4072" angle="174.9314" col1="6" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="138" x="-1261.3719" y="115.7242" z="12.0178" angle="172.4562" col1="1" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-1107.2173" y="-198.0835" z="11.1751" angle="90.1365" col1="9" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="158" x="-920.4551" y="-306.0597" z="13.5878" angle="264.1842" col1="4" col2="75" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="206" x="-951.9403" y="-378.0401" z="10.9365" angle="276.5116" col1="61" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="206" x="-891.4566" y="-700.5800" z="10.9547" angle="37.6183" col1="61" col2="39" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-863.2736" y="-666.1580" z="11.0304" angle="186.4959" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-855.5962" y="-666.0559" z="10.9932" angle="183.2121" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-851.5004" y="-665.6548" z="10.9740" angle="185.7453" col1="76" col2="76" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-845.2188" y="-675.1938" z="10.9438" angle="97.3510" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="236" x="-844.9042" y="-679.4929" z="10.9420" angle="98.8294" col1="52" col2="52" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="175" x="-846.8568" y="-909.4408" z="10.9547" angle="319.2956" col1="42" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="141" x="-973.8217" y="-831.9473" z="6.4925" angle="91.7754" col1="11" col2="11" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-1017.5047" y="-861.6166" z="12.8358" angle="213.0164" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1015.7603" y="-859.2327" z="17.4827" angle="191.6682" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1019.6179" y="-858.1592" z="17.4810" angle="184.1755" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="175" x="-979.8837" y="-1169.0863" z="14.7222" angle="92.2340" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="144" x="-1008.8375" y="-1407.3828" z="11.8616" angle="252.0942" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-697.8029" y="-1522.6481" z="12.1532" angle="68.8400" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-731.2047" y="-1503.1404" z="11.2021" angle="265.5437" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-720.9149" y="-1553.4470" z="12.2698" angle="338.7068" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="226" x="-696.1869" y="-1502.0701" z="11.7049" angle="357.9846" col1="12" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-686.5530" y="-1567.7709" z="12.5295" angle="247.8371" col1="1" col2="57" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="158" x="-665.4547" y="900.2264" z="11.2033" angle="252.7852" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-583.6869" y="-1502.5627" z="5.7980" angle="240.5196" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-389.6123" y="-1726.2853" z="6.7915" angle="3.0873" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-397.6457" y="-1342.7911" z="6.6525" angle="354.6517" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-374.6611" y="-659.9583" z="5.6830" angle="91.7661" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-650.9855" y="-263.8465" z="6.7326" angle="306.9479" col1="50" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-512.7714" y="-226.5067" z="6.7797" angle="356.7461" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="-535.4413" y="-227.1720" z="6.6767" angle="337.7500" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-372.2652" y="-216.4774" z="7.3608" angle="295.0877" col1="1" col2="35" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="604.7895" y="-1706.5129" z="7.5829" angle="332.8387" col1="1" col2="60" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="583.6797" y="-1760.7828" z="7.2956" angle="313.2621" col1="1" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="603.4528" y="-1774.8110" z="7.4699" angle="205.4766" col1="1" col2="14" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="190" x="-1259.0291" y="-1414.6964" z="7.4179" angle="60.5551" col1="1" col2="50" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="160" x="-1199.0627" y="-1382.2418" z="5.6341" angle="152.5868" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="160" x="-1213.4904" y="-1382.6627" z="5.5850" angle="151.3750" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-651.9755" y="-513.1553" z="10.1559" angle="111.1670" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-355.9834" y="-530.7414" z="12.5118" angle="1.3028" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-362.5143" y="-528.3513" z="12.5124" angle="2.4941" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="224" x="-393.3240" y="-523.2957" z="12.6169" angle="356.3634" col1="22" col2="22" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="141" x="-398.3515" y="-520.8174" z="12.6268" angle="359.5150" col1="20" col2="20" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="-406.8978" y="-520.3749" z="12.6289" angle="3.5854" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-391.8160" y="-573.8380" z="40.0296" angle="270.2119" col1="61" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="170" x="369.4720" y="-523.6241" z="12.1027" angle="319.9711" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="352.9126" y="-509.6271" z="12.0988" angle="320.7192" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="167.0211" y="-1504.3243" z="10.6981" angle="195.1150" col1="46" col2="46" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="161.7691" y="-1505.6873" z="10.6334" angle="260.1471" col1="53" col2="53" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="150.8547" y="-1525.2775" z="10.5850" angle="209.5386" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="217" x="-71.3746" y="-1606.8180" z="12.1979" angle="268.9019" col1="1" col2="42" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-242.6452" y="-1347.8843" z="7.6379" angle="287.6805" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-254.7485" y="-1231.7388" z="7.6065" angle="82.8703" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-150.9673" y="-1427.3008" z="3.7353" angle="287.1888" col1="12" col2="12" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-159.8616" y="-1352.5422" z="9.9567" angle="88.3373" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="209" x="-107.2975" y="-1204.9932" z="10.2545" angle="314.1096" col1="15" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="167" x="-5.2635" y="-1231.6711" z="10.5564" angle="3.0305" col1="75" col2="79" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="139.5816" y="-1104.4471" z="10.1935" angle="87.3026" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="125.3515" y="-1104.8690" z="9.9718" angle="178.6016" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="209" x="55.1483" y="-1077.7474" z="10.2544" angle="179.0974" col1="15" col2="32" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-53.6150" y="-998.6633" z="9.9737" angle="92.8012" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="198" x="-38.4061" y="-1015.3550" z="10.0968" angle="359.9808" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-9.5104" y="-992.9700" z="10.1978" angle="354.5850" col1="17" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="201" x="-348.028" y="-524.925" z="12.7618" angle="271.4819" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-7.6970" y="-951.4760" z="21.2936" angle="2.1346" col1="51" col2="51" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-8.3562" y="-927.7123" z="21.2671" angle="181.7117" col1="7" col2="7" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="-118.7073" y="-922.1487" z="10.6754" angle="102.6320" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="273.2764" y="-873.0959" z="9.9347" angle="62.8151" col1="21" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="532.1689" y="-156.9969" z="13.3790" angle="97.7350" col1="33" col2="33" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="475.0922" y="-42.7295" z="9.8901" angle="357.9021" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="455.0826" y="-3.7197" z="10.4825" angle="81.7555" col1="13" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="525.0902" y="192.1835" z="14.3481" angle="179.2360" col1="11" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="174" x="297.6835" y="460.3541" z="9.9776" angle="249.5900" col1="41" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="136" x="329.6919" y="578.8196" z="6.6500" angle="0.0177" col1="1" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="437.4555" y="539.0988" z="11.3912" angle="347.3801" col1="8" col2="8" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="146" x="456.3506" y="718.7170" z="11.6164" angle="266.7214" col1="1" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="494.0573" y="503.6129" z="11.2556" angle="182.5625" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="520.5809" y="502.5757" z="10.8520" angle="176.7665" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="156" x="490.3658" y="521.4353" z="11.3487" angle="89.2153" col1="46" col2="1" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="184" x="-247.529" y="-635.489" z="6.14983" angle="179.2223" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="159" x="144.2603" y="-1230.6996" z="24.3226" angle="0.7343" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="128.0492" y="-1177.0865" z="31.0443" angle="2.2424" col1="33" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="110.0135" y="-1148.5236" z="30.8348" angle="359.9130" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="128.8416" y="-1216.1100" z="30.8201" angle="359.1587" col1="48" col2="48" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="205" x="-1132.1305" y="-926.5008" z="14.6029" angle="270.2141" col1="37" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="132" x="-1142.1732" y="-977.6573" z="14.6181" angle="91.6233" col1="10" col2="10" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="193" x="-1142.2985" y="-1027.4420" z="14.3610" angle="85.6886" col1="84" col2="84" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-1152.0118" y="-1014.8665" z="14.6410" angle="269.6242" col1="36" col2="36" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="218" x="-1369.5146" y="-1255.6322" z="18.1927" angle="36.6048" col1="1" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="145" x="-1681.8029" y="-645.2209" z="14.6583" angle="359.9387" col1="52" col2="52" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="224" x="-1627.2859" y="-623.5496" z="14.4104" angle="171.6752" col1="2" col2="2" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-1579.2931" y="-613.0315" z="14.3933" angle="359.9059" col1="3" col2="3" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="200" x="-1747.2423" y="-269.6884" z="15.1117" angle="267.0928" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="200" x="-1746.7600" y="-225.4840" z="15.1116" angle="267.6391" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="163" x="-1745.6432" y="-212.0730" z="15.2650" angle="269.7901" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="163" x="-1704.9772" y="-215.9604" z="15.2650" angle="179.8797" col1="43" col2="0" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="155" x="-1661.2036" y="-225.9702" z="14.8505" angle="83.3181" col1="40" col2="44" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="153" x="-874.2407" y="-565.3093" z="11.1761" angle="186.5672" col1="1" col2="56" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="147" x="-758.9777" y="821.3871" z="10.9881" angle="180.4261" col1="71" col2="73" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="150" x="-800.3445" y="820.1251" z="10.9879" angle="358.3366" col1="71" col2="73" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="210" x="-762.2755" y="132.3357" z="10.8166" angle="269.2282" col1="6" col2="6" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-605.8749" y="-1466.1476" z="5.9455" angle="313.0891" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="223" x="-600.9694" y="-1468.3768" z="5.9371" angle="317.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="766.2264" z="12.2033" angle="234.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="150" x="-694.5722" y="764.9821" z="10.7391" angle="551.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="800.2264" z="12.2033" angle="321.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
<Vehicle model="191" x="-600.4547" y="710.2264" z="11.2033" angle="317.1415" col1="36" col2="13" world="1"/>
and as i said no problem in everything :v
Bugs and Crashes / [BUG] The Sound stops when the player shot with minigun
« on June 18th, 2017, 08:03 AM »
Subject: [BUG]The Sound stops when the player shot with minigun

If i used any of Sound functions like Player.playsound or Playsound or PlaySoundWorld and the player shot with minigun the stops


What you were doing when the bug happened
Shooting with minigun.

What you think caused the bug
The minigun create sound that stops the current sound.
General Discussion / Vote for the best server of VCMP
« on June 17th, 2017, 09:56 PM »
The list is for most servers that has alot of players count :v
5 Servers , Who won , You decide! :v
The poll expires in 25 June!
Scripting and Server Management / MySQL Tables Help
« on June 16th, 2017, 11:53 AM »
Well , i didnt do any server with database before
what i know just how to connect
how to add values to columns and rows  and tables and so on and how get values from it
i didnt find that on wiki or i didnt understand the wikis :v
General Discussion / [Suggestion] Clipboard.SetText
« on June 16th, 2017, 03:47 AM »
It will be awesome to set the text of the clipboard like when the player write /forum then the forum link is set in his clipboard !
But no get text pls :v
Off-Topic General / Injecting commands
« on June 9th, 2017, 01:02 AM »
What i mean if there is a game
and we want to make the player shot from third party program like if there is a button if we press on it it make the player shot
so we change the entire function by function injecting in c++
or how?
any ideas?
Off-Topic General / TCP or UDP
« on June 3rd, 2017, 01:01 AM »
As an example: Sending Sockets of coordinates value of a game to inject it on another game window in another PC , What is the good one to use? TCP or UDP and why ?
Off-Topic General / C++ Decompiling
« on March 30th, 2017, 08:09 AM »
Hello guys :D
I tried decompiling C++ by some programs and methods and some times the pc crash
i used boomerang and snowman but no thing
any help?
Off-Topic General / Fatal error in .net framework
« on February 6th, 2017, 10:04 AM »
Hello , i face that problem i hope any one can help me ( i googled that problem but i didnt find an good way)
Iam installing .Net Framework 4.6.1 and i face that problem in every 4.* versions
and the important point in the error log
Code: [Select]
Property(S): USERNAME = Extreme
Property(S): DATABASE = C:\Windows\Installer\580c60.msi
Property(S): OriginalDatabase = C:\ffd16c204c20da72f82fa33c38f601e5\netfx_Full_x86.msi
Property(S): UILevel = 2
Property(S): MsiUISourceResOnly = 1
Property(S): ROOTDRIVE = C:\
Property(S): CostingComplete = 1
Property(S): OutOfDiskSpace = 0
Property(S): OutOfNoRbDiskSpace = 0
Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable = 0
Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired = 0
Property(S): PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining = 0
Property(S): SOURCEDIR = C:\ffd16c204c20da72f82fa33c38f601e5\
Property(S): SourcedirProduct = {30500C7C-2206-3DC6-9792-96E95A04669D}
Property(S): ProductToBeRegistered = 1
MSI (s) (6C:64) [11:52:05:166]: Note: 1: 1708
MSI (s) (6C:64) [11:52:05:166]: Product: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 -- Installation failed.

MSI (s) (6C:64) [11:52:05:168]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. Product Version: 4.6.01055. Product Language: 0. Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation. Installation success or error status: 1603.

MSI (s) (6C:64) [11:52:05:172]: Deferring clean up of packages/files, if any exist
MSI (s) (6C:64) [11:52:05:172]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:176]: RESTART MANAGER: Session closed.
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:176]: No System Restore sequence number for this installation.
=== Logging stopped: 06/02/2017  11:52:05 ===
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:179]: User policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:179]: Machine policy value 'DisableRollback' is 0
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:179]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:179]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:180]: Note: 1: 1402 2: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Rollback\Scripts 3: 2
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:181]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied.  Counter after decrement: -1
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:181]: Restoring environment variables
MSI (s) (6C:78) [11:52:05:188]: Destroying RemoteAPI object.
MSI (s) (6C:8C) [11:52:05:188]: Custom Action Manager thread ending.
MSI (c) (C0:60) [11:52:05:200]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied.  Counter after decrement: -1
MSI (c) (C0:60) [11:52:05:200]: MainEngineThread is returning 1603
=== Verbose logging stopped: 06/02/2017  11:52:05 ===
its rolling back while installing
i hope any one can help me and thanks :D
~  Zeyad
Scripting and Server Management / How To ADF Stream
« on January 28th, 2017, 06:32 PM »
Is there any way to stream ADF files or to make radio stations in cars
and thanks ;)
Off-Topic General / Gonna miss ya
« on September 5th, 2016, 11:08 PM »
Hi all you maybe relize my inactive here for studying I hope all remember me I know some member will no care but some will care sure they are myfriends
@KAKAN @EK.CrystalBlue @Xmair @vito and friends that I didn't mention them
Bye all maybe I join but rarely
Any way gonna miss ya
~Zeyad Ahmed
Off-Topic General / LoLz
« on August 4th, 2016, 07:18 PM »
[Jason Bourne 2016] 4 minutes into the movie, I stopped it here.
General Discussion / Format of radio stations
« on August 3rd, 2016, 10:20 PM »
i saw in wiki that i can add radio station  from here
but the url can support flv? and what is the supported formats and thanks :)
Off-Topic General / Happy Birthday KAKAN
« on July 20th, 2016, 07:53 AM »
Happy Birthday @KAKAN and god bless you my friend