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Servers / King of the Hill
« on February 22nd, 2021, 02:49 PM »

King of the Hill(KotH) is a brand new server in VCMP. The game mode is a round based team deathmatch, similar to EAD, CTF, RTV, TDW etc. We have been brainstorming and developing this game mode since a long time and finally are prepared for a public release. I hope you all enjoy the grand opening and use the platform for lasting VCMP memories, fun moments and intense competitive matches.

Game mode Features

Two teams compete for the control of a zone(The Hill). The players have to capture the zone and eliminate the enemy team's presence to gain points. The team which reaches the score limit first wins.

  Interactive Zone
  The Zone is an area marked by a distinct border.
  The two teams fight for the control of this area.
  The server has a unique GPS Pin which shows the location, distance, status and capture progress at all times.
  This ensures that any newbies would not feel lost on the map and have a clear sight of the objective.
  Fast Paced Tactical Combat

  The zone is an area which allows players to capture it in full combat.
  There is no requirement to press any buttons or stand still to capture the objective.
  The winning objective is very easy to understand and encourages players to focus on death matching.
  Players have unlimited lives and respawn on death.
  Simple Weapon Classes
  The server has 4 weapon classes with no limits, balanced to give an edge in each situation.
  They all have some specialization and counter each other.

  Each class has a bonus weapon which is granted on reaching a killing spree of 3.

  Ranger: M4, Stubby, Laserscope Sniper(bonus)
  Heavy: M60, Stubby, Molotovs(bonus)
  CQB: Spaz, Chainsaw, Flamethrower(bonus)
  Demolition: Grenades, Shotgun, RPG(bonus)

  SMGs and Handguns are free to pick.
  Variety of Bases
  The server has 30+ bases and we are constantly adding more.
  We have a huge variety of bases offering unique game play.

  There are bases balanced for 1v1, 2v2, 5v5, 20v20 and the script ensures that they are played according to the player count.

  The game mode offers plenty of competitive bases for 5v5 official matches. Also a lot of bases to chill and have fun.
  You can expect Hunter Dogfights, Speed boat action, Drive-by Derby, Heliblade fests and generic TDM fun.
  The server is loaded with statistics that are accurately tracked and can be viewed on our web panel.
  Players are awarded with special medals and badges for feats and the MVPs are given commendations that they can showcase to the rest.
  Earning these achievements gains you XP that is used to level up your account.


  We also have several Taunts options, that you can personalize.
  There is a variety of taunting sounds that you can select.
  They would auto-play when you dominate an enemy with a killing spree.

Our Team:

Luckshya has been scripting the mode in Java(Kotlin). The project has died and reborn several times with different coding platforms, but Luckshya has been the ever industrious doing all the hard work.

GangstaRas is the man behind innovating the game mode, fine tuning all the details and crafting all the GUI in the server. I guarantee our GUI is the most innovative thing that has ever surfaced in VCMP. Potato PCs beware!

aXXo has been poking his nose into every server detail.

Special thanks to PunkNoodle, Lederhos, Klaus, EazyM4, RoyStang for advising, critiquing, testing, mapping and base designing.

General Discussion / EAD Championship(Attack/Defense Game mode)
« on March 24th, 2017, 06:20 PM »
Quote from WiLsOn on March 22nd, 2017, 08:57 PM
How it will work?

The tournament will be a knockout system, if a team loses they are out from the event.

How teams will be made?

Teams will be formed by randomly picking 5 players from the applicant pool. Applicants will be seeded into skill tiers and randomly picked when forming a team, so that each team has balanced numbers of high skill players.

Where players will be chosen?

There will be a selection day hosted before the event. A randomization script will draw the random teams and transparently echo the names on a public IRC channel.

How will a match be played?

Each match consists of 4 A/D rounds, played in the following fashion:
- Script chooses one base randomly.
- Team Red defends the base, Team Blue attacks.
- Team Blue defends the base, Team Red attacks.
- Script chooses another base randomly.
- Team Red defends the base, Team Blue attacks.
- Team Blue defends the base, Team Red attacks.
EAD Forum
General Discussion / AD Event - North India vs South India
« on January 12th, 2017, 07:50 PM »
All Indians are invited to participate in the regional event.
The war will be hosted in an Indian server located in Bangalore running the Evolution AD scripts.

Read the following link for more information:
EAD Forum Link
Support / Timers stop responding
« on September 8th, 2016, 10:37 PM »
I'm using a lot of timers for various stuff in my server. There are only a couple of timers which run infinitely, most of the timers are created dynamically and expire after a certain duration/runs.
After the server is running for some hours, depending on number of players that connected. All the timers stop responding.

They act like they are permanently paused. They won't call the functions anymore. I have no idea what could cause this behavior and it can not be replicated. Maybe, there is a limit on number of timers that can exist on the server(counting expired once too)? A server restart is required to get them working again.

Some investigation I did to find the root cause:
  • VM clock is fucked? Tried printing time() and GetTickCount(), they both work as they should.
  • print() the instance of a timer. It prints the instance as it should, no nulls.
  • Create a new timer. NewTimer doesnt work in this server state. The newly created timer exists, but does not do anything like other timers.
  • No squirrel error.

Running Squirrel 04rel003 plugin(though I expect this to happen on rel004 too). Linux 32 bit.
Code: [Select]
myTable <- { "one" : 1, "two" : 2, "three" : 3, "four" : 4, "five" : 5, "six" : 6}

foreach( idx, num in myTable )
print( idx + " " + num );


Code: [Select]
[SCRIPT]  six 6
[SCRIPT]  five 5
[SCRIPT]  three 3
[SCRIPT]  one 1
[SCRIPT]  two 2
[SCRIPT]  four 4

I was expecting the table to iterate in the same order as it was created, or more or less some other deterministic order which can be manipulated. Is there a way for a table to iterate in some specific order under foreach loop?
Bugs and Crashes / HeliBladeDamage functions dont work
« on May 25th, 2016, 06:44 AM »
GetHeliBladeDamageDisabled() always returns false.
Code: [Select]
function onScriptLoad()
Code: [Select]

The function has no effect. Players can still heli-kill.
Closed Bug Reports / [Bug] SMG weapons are invisible on vehicle exit
« on May 13th, 2016, 02:12 AM »
If a player enters a car while holding a SMG and then exits it, the SMG weapons are invisible in hand. The player is required to scroll back and forth for it to appear again.


What you were doing when the bug happened
This is a very old and non-critical bug which has probably been spotted a lot of times.

What you think caused the bug
Drive by was disabled on the server(?), just guessing.
Closed Bug Reports / [BUG] Assault rifles damage/Armour Bug
« on August 15th, 2015, 01:54 PM »
If you shoot a player who has Armour with a Ruger/M4 on of any of the following body parts:
Left/Right Leg
Left/Right Arm
The player loses the entire Armour. So basically, Armour is only protecting a player's Torso(ultra realism? :D)
1 Ruger bullet damages 100 Armour and 12 HP.
1 M4 bullet damages 100 Armour and 14 HP.


What you were doing when the bug happened
Volunteered to get shot repeatedly by Kessu.

What you think caused the bug
Snippet Showroom / [Snippet] Longjump
« on August 1st, 2015, 02:37 PM »
While trying to add player's speed as a drug effect, I realized that player.Speed only works when a player is not colliding against anything. It only works when a player is in mid-air. As soon as you touch the ground(or any other collision), the speed changes to default as per GTA:VC physics.

Speedhacks did not become a reality, but here is a snippet that makes the player jump higher. This is very inconsistent in a crowded server due to performance issues, but the code and the idea can be implemented.


To enable a player's longjump, create an instance of the CLongjump class. Parameter: player instance.
Code: [Select]
function onPlayerSpawn( player )
     local pLongjump = CLongjump( player );
I have been facing an issue in my entire script, which is caused by my misinterpretation of Squirrel tables.
Here is a sample code:

Code: [Select]
myTable <- {};

function onScriptLoad()
   myTable.rawset( "key", 1 );
   print( "My Table's initial length:" + myTable.len() );

   local backup_table = myTable; // Copy the entire table into another table
   print( "Backup's initial length:" + backup_table.len() );

   myTable.rawdelete( "key" );
   print( "My Table's length after deletion:" + myTable.len() );
   print( "Backup's length after deletion:" + backup_table.len() );

The output for this is:
[SCRIPT]  My Table's initial length:1
[SCRIPT]  Backup's initial length:1
[SCRIPT]  My Table's length after deletion:0
[SCRIPT]  Backup's length after deletion:0

I expected the backup_table 's length to stay as 1, since I did not touch that table. But apparently, every change made to myTable is copied over automatically to backup_table, hence it is not much of a backup.

How can I avoid this? Has this something to do with "delegation"(whatever that is)?
Closed Bug Reports / Sprites/Textdraw Relativity
« on May 10th, 2015, 06:11 PM »
The SetRelativeForAll function works great on different GTAVC ingame resolutions, but does not take into account the client's screen resolution.

So, if I set a sprite's position at 1024x768 ingame and change my desktop's resolution to 1366x768, the sprite's position would be inaccurate. This is a problem since we have a lot of players who have their screen resolution at best 1024x768.

A part of the problem is, that only the position of the sprite is considered, not its size. So if there is a sprite that covers almost the entire screen at 1366x768, it gets trimmed from a corner on screen resolutions lesser than that.

Please let me know if any more information is required.
Support / [SERVER] Server Launch issue v11
« on May 2nd, 2015, 06:17 PM »
I have a strange issue running the VCMP Server Windows x64 on one of my machines(Windows 7)
The server automatically restarts after 15 seconds when I launch it.
It would shutdown gracefully and come back up automatically. It continues to work fine after that weird restart, so this happens only once after every launch.

This issue occurs only with the version 11 server.exe - 19 April Update.
The older version v10 - 11th April release works fine.

I tried running the server with same scripts/plugins on a different machine(Windows 8 64 bit) fine on that. Is there any troubleshooting/Diagnostics that can be performed to fix the issue?

Scripting and Server Management / [Request] XML Plugin
« on April 28th, 2015, 08:01 PM »
Do we have a plugin to read data from XML files in 0.4?
If I remember correctly, 0.3z server had the XML functions inbuilt in the squirrel server, so it did not require an external plugin.

I was hoping if someone could create a XML plugin similar to 0.3z or the LU server if it is convenient. I personally lack the knowledge to compile plugins.