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Servers / [0.4] Vice City Death Match.
« on October 9th, 2015, 05:24 PM »
We Have Finally Released!
[0.4] Vice City Death Match

Previous Banner(s):-

VCDM is Released By Decent_946 & Zeeshan.bhatti on 08-10-2015.
Our server is Based on Death-Match & FreeRoam/Stuntage Game-Mode

Server Information.
Forum:-VCDM-FORUM ( Stay tuned for latest updates. )
IRC Channel:- #vcdm04 on LUNet. ( Everyone is invited to join IRC. )
Ping:- 170-200
Server Scripters/Onwers:-  zEe^/Zeeshan Bhatti, ZUBI, Decent_946!
Helper:- Mashreq

The latest Features of Our Server are.

1.Spawnwep & Spawnloc Command has been implemented.
2.Encrypt Password System.
3.Spree System.
4.Anti-Spawn kill Protection.
5.Player Ranks system.
6.News System.
7.Team System. System. <Removed>
9.Finance System.
10.Vehicles System.
11.wstats/bstats system.
12.Clan/Crew System.
13.Topkillers System.
14.Topheaders System.
15.Topclans System.
16.separate battle Ground. /battle.
17.saveloc/gotoloc System.
18.Weather System.
19.VoteKick System.
20.Country Detector System.
21.Randspawn System.
22.Ping Limit System.
24. ==> "Donator System." <==to check Donator Benifits visit here.
( Donator-Benifits. )

24. And MUCH MORE>>>>>>

Future updates.
==> Surpirse :) <== .

One Day This Server Will Be An Official Server.

Note:- This Server Still on Beta Version, so bugs and errors may occur anytime. if u find any bug report it on our forum. Thankx.

Webstats System Implemented.

Custom Weapons For Server Donator's "and " V.I.P's has been added!.   /cwep to get

Separate Duel Mode has been added!.. /duel to join.

Stunt Game-Mode has been added in the server.
use /stunt to join stunt World. and use /exit to exit Stunt World.
Duel place has been changed to ( )

Implemented NOS by Seby.
Implemented paint system by Soulshaker.
Implemented CellPhone System. /phonehelp & /phonecmds

Server Donator's
Fulfilled is New Donator of VCDM.
Jack is New Donator OF VCDM.

ReborN is New Donator of VCDM.

Thankx For Donating :)
Asalam-u-Alaikum friends
my VCMP 0.4 isn't working from 1 week! i have tried many solutions...  i tried everything that i can do! but still i am unable to open the game!..
whenever i try to open any server it shows! ( could not start process or gta-vc.exe has stopped working )  sry i couldn't show u the picture of gta-vc.exe has stopped working, because when this dialogue appears on screen my computer doesn't support any other thing to open except task manager!

i also tried to run gta-vc.exe in compatibilty mode but nothing happens! same issue

and i found some crash logs! in C:/users/My User NaME/AppData/Roaming/VCMP/04Beta

and these crash logs are:- ( i found 53 crash logs most of them are same there are some different files i am posting here! )


note:- i am posting just only 6 attachments.. because rest of all are the copies of these 6..