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There has been one of the most shameful and disrespectful incidents lately within our legendary community upon which I would like to shed some light. Team iNsomniacs Clan was founded on September 4th, 2017 by iNs.D.E.[[V]].I.L . He invited Ronnie to the clan but ronnie lay down the condition of only coming to the clan as FOUNER, NOT LEADER. Sine they were Friends at that time, D.E.[[V]].I.L trusted him and agreed to give him the founder rank. After that, D.E.[[V]].I.L went inactive and the clan was under ronnie who invited various VC:MP players, including me, to the clan and with the passage of time, some of them were either kicked or left. So after that, with the passage of time, D.E.[[V]].I.L became active again at that time the clan had reached 10-15 fully active members. With the passage of time, I too got promoted and came a long way to the LEADER rank, Vortex was Already the leader That time as He was the leader since when i was a full member. Everything was running smoothly until ronnie adopted a "CHEAP LOVER" identity as he indulged into a love affair with a female VC:MP Player whose identity won't be disclosed here. He started damaging the reputation of iNs. I and D.E.[[V]].I.L took the notice of it and immediately suspended him from the clan and issued him a warning mentioning to EITHER stop doing such things which ruin the clan's reputation OR leave the clan permanently. He said that he's leaving both the clan and VC:MP Permanently. Here's a link that would lead to the evidence of ronnie saying this himself (he edited his name and wrote the discord nick of that player in order to blackmail her, which he did of course):

English translation of his messages: "ibee, I am leaving vcmp, you and D.E.[[V]].I.L manage the clan, i will guide you regarding all the forum-related stuff, how to do it etc. , or shall I close the clan? "
I didn't replied him back as I was a bit confused at that time. Ronnie left the iNs discord after that and told D.E.[[V]].I.L that he would give the access and authorities of the forum to D.E.[[V]].I.L in a while. But the next day, instead of giving the authorities to D.E.[[V]].I.L, he removed even his forum powers and mine too and posted this topic on iNs forums which, of course, consists of lies:

After that he threatened D.E.[[V]].I.L to return him the ownership of the iNs discord to which D.E.[[V]].I.L simply refused, after which ronnie ruined the clan forums and deleted everyone's account there. We banned ronnie from the discord once again after making the announcement that he is offcially kicked from the clan. Ronnie also planned to make a new discord server of iNs but he wasn't aware of the fact that there's only one official discord server of iNs and nobody won't go in a DUPLICATE server. Ronnie then got the official discord server blanked out by the aid of his sidekick VorTeX, who was also the leader, who accomplished Ronnie's shameful mission by deleting everything in that discord server, removing everyone from that server and leaving that server after that. When me and D.E.[[V]].I.L came online after that time, the server looked something like this (The 2 visible channels were also re-added by us afterwards, originally this entire server was totally blank):

And after D.E.[[V]].I.L blocked Vortex on discord.
So yeah the entire purpose of this topic is to signify that both RONNIE and VORTEX aren't associated with iNs in any way from now on and whatever they do, it won't be linked with iNs and its Entire members.