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Script Showroom / [ GameMode ] Re: VC:MP Blank Server ( 21st March, 2021 )
« on November 10th, 08:10 PM »
Can you elaborate the "cannot join" a bit ?
I understand that now the server is visible in the masterlist, so you an double click on it/join server.

What happens after?
General Discussion / Re: Magna 2021 - VCAD
« on November 9th, 10:34 PM »
I considered moving this topic from OFF-TOPIC to "ON-TOPIC" :P
This place fits this better I think, so people can see it.

Good luck with the project!!
Hello, and welcome!

Will just land the possible solution here: latest announce plugin
Vehicle Showroom / [.xml] Re: Tricks, Discoveries and Joy
« on November 4th, 10:32 AM »
Trick 5 was updated. Apparently, all vehicles are looping their animations, not just RCs or Boats.

Tricks 6 and 7 added! Check it out!
Bugs and Crashes / [Bug] Re: Vehicle.Health returns 1000 for HP beyond that
« on November 3rd, 06:16 PM »
At least we know the bug is since the updates before october 2nd, 2018 O0
Client Scripting / [Repost] Re: Snow Effect
« on November 1st, 07:46 AM »
Maan, make nice description to it !
Here some help:

PS: Glad you didn't forget :D Great effect!
Map Showroom / [OBJECT] Re: 2 Floor Front Page Café
« on October 28th, 06:32 AM »
This is beautiful!
Quote from Kenneth Law on October 17th, 04:34 PM
I have to do that to make sure the original vice city sea still exists while another sea generated is added in for the custom map in sky.
I doubt the engine supports a sea over a sea... since you can only edit a (2d) image to set it.
Though, in order to set water for different levels, you can use different colors, and then just specify the height level you want.

Here is my custom waterpro.dat used in #TLRP server

black => water level 6.0 (default)
maroon => water level 72.0
Quote from Kenneth Law on October 15th, 04:38 PM
Quite strange after I added a custom waterpro.dat into my server. The sea becomes invisible although it does exist indeed. Players can drown inside but they can't see any water around. :'( :'( :'(
I remember facing such a problem few years ago.
No idea why, but water wasn't visible at all when the Z level was too high.
I think you can test it even with SetWaterLevel in a normal server.
Map Showroom / Re: How to add custom maps to your server ?!
« on September 17th, 04:58 AM »
Maps* yes.
Tutorials / [Guide] Re: Undocumented VC:MP Findings
« on September 15th, 09:18 PM »
This is something everybody must see and find easily.

Thank you for sharing!
General Discussion / Re: Do you guys miss 0.3?
« on September 5th, 05:23 PM »
Quote from Athanatos on September 5th, 03:16 PM
Quote from Gulk on September 4th, 11:43 PM
I also miss the chat font, and nametags/HP bars.
You can easily restore these. heh
@Hanney 's VCMP 0.3z config for 0.4
Vehicle Showroom / Re: 1989 Batmobile
« on August 31st, 09:22 PM »
Tony rolling in the batmobile
Client Scripting / Re: Kaboom - 2d Game Development.
« on July 22nd, 05:24 PM »
This looks insane!
Keep up the good work!