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Off-Topic General / Re: III Multiplayer - Resource Site
« on January 22nd, 03:13 PM »
VC:MP client download link seems expired on your website
General Discussion / Re: Map Editing
« on January 21st, 11:30 PM »
I'm using MEd for big things, and Doom's Map Editor for polishing
General Discussion / [Suggestion] Re: Radar centre, weapon images & pink arrow
« on January 20th, 11:04 AM »
Sadly, as staff has been saying it since ever, devs are not paid to do anything.
It's their hobby, so they also have their personal lives to take care of, which eats all the time.
Yeah, nothing new here, everybody knows it. It happens to all of us.

But it is hard to keep up with the development since we mostly had active just 1 developer per time, maximum 2, in the past decade.
VC:MP development has been abandoned numerous times, and everybody (myself included) claimed that it will die.
Still, here we are, after all of this years, with the mod updated and players on.

As much as people want developers to do this, and that, and as soon as possible, it will bring no good if you start blaming them.  (not the case here, but you got the point)
In fact, it will make things worse. Imagine you are working on something for free, in your very free-time, and then users start complaining about it. Would you still continue to do it ?

Another problem was that everytime a new developer came in, the other developers where already out, so nobody to ask how the code works.
So every active developer had to mostly start learning and get used to the code first, in order to be able to do something. And that takes time indeed.

0.4.7 was very very bugged. Initially, instead of releasing the last 006 update, we wanted to work on the 0.4.7 to make it work and get things done like we said, but that version was having a rewritten player&vehicle sync which brought a lot of leaks and problems. Tried to fix things up, but without Stormeus' help (since he was the one who worked on it), a lot of things were confusing there, and hard to repair.
So, we discussed and decided:
Quote from AdTec_224 on December 24th, 2020, 09:01 PM
While this is NOT the 0.4.7 update it does include a lot of the quality-of-life improvements (and more!) from 0.4.7 all while still being backward compatible with current 0.4.6 servers!
Better to work on the stable 006 we had, so we can have an even better base ( actual version - most stable vcmp version so far ) for the 0.4.7 when development will start again.

PS: Some videos I've done while trying to find the leaks and bugs in 0.4.7
Quote from HunTinG on January 15th, 09:09 AM
@AdTec_224 i'm waiting for an answer as soon as you're active, or at least take this topic into account and manage to deliver an update in time this summer, i'd love to play with everything fully working, and i think everyone here would prefer the same.
Easy,  cowboy.
Hold your horses.  I won't allow such behaviour,  ever.
That's my first and last warning about this.
Snippet Showroom / Re: SetSkin and onPlayerSkinChange
« on January 14th, 02:15 PM »
Just a note: no matter what,  because of the weapon change,  event onPlayerWeaponChange will be called.
(so be aware of that if you have code in that event)

Btw,  player.Pos also calls the event. At least,  that one puts back the weapon in your hand.
General Discussion / Re: please add this back....
« on January 13th, 10:13 PM »
Yeah, when dev/s will get back in bussiness, maybe there will be a trick they/he can do.
Let's cross fingers :P

On the other hand, maybe 0.4.7 will deal better with this, since it should include a rewritten and smoother sync.
General Discussion / Re: please add this back....
« on January 13th, 10:03 PM »
The only way to actually fix it for good is to sync every shot a player does.
So, things would work like this: You press FIRE button, then your client sends the request for shot to the server, which, if everything is okay, approves the shot and send it to all clients around.
This would pretty much create as much lag as posible, if I'm not wrong. (imagina a dm zone)

Take molotovs/grenades as an example. They are working like that.
Comparing to 0.3z molotovs, 0.4 adds some lag to it.
Snippet Showroom / Re: New Custom Event onPlayerUnderAttack
« on January 13th, 11:38 AM »
Unfortunately,  Player::PlayerShoot is not called for shotguns...
General Discussion / Re: please add this back....
« on January 13th, 09:51 AM »
Can you test this with your DM skills, and record the same way ?

Code: [Select]
function onPlayerCrouchChange( player, IsCrouchingNow )
if( !IsCrouchingNow ) player.SetAnim( 0, 29 );

Practically, this refreshes your anim once you get onfeet, hoping it fixes the shots too.
Tested it myself, but I have no DM skills to actually do the spamming.
General Discussion / Re: please add this back....
« on January 12th, 11:55 PM »
Is this happening since the last update, or it always happened, since 0.4 ?
Your video looks pretty explicit. I love that.
Script Showroom / Re: Vice City: Multiplayer PUBG-DM
« on January 12th, 09:38 PM »
Quote from shaddam17 on January 12th, 08:18 PM
Can you use the parachute as a vehicle on a different server? I added it to mine, however my character runs around it but cant enter
Here is the code you must implement in your server for it to work properly.
Quote from Sebastian on November 28th, 2020, 06:36 AM
I just got a host, so until I finish my server, I decided to host other server - yours:

Maybe it will bring more interest.
Unfortunately, I have turned off the server. It kept failing somewhere; had to restart it daily.
Object Showroom / Re: Front Page Cafe
« on January 10th, 07:03 PM »
Nice! Too bad it doesn't have furniture inside,  but players cand do it too.
I've read about this interior which R* never implemented anymore,  while the blue walls were there,  ready to be decorated
Snippet Showroom / Re: onPickupExited (New Custom Event)
« on January 7th, 01:36 PM »
I think this is more useful for when pickup doesn't dissappear after you pick it up.
This way sonmez did makes pickup act like some sort of sphere/checkpoint
Server & Plugin Updates / Re: Server Update Released (2020-12-24)
« on December 28th, 2020, 12:15 AM »
Quote from Pun1sh3r on December 25th, 2020, 06:12 PM
Can anyone confirm it?
Not really...  Is it still happening with the last update?
If yes,  can you provide a code which reproduces your problem? Or a video
Script Showroom / [ GameMode ] Re: VC:MP Blank Server ( 13rd Feb, 2019 )
« on December 27th, 2020, 01:38 AM »
Quote from Athanatos on December 26th, 2020, 10:17 PM
Oh, and @Sebastian  , please remove the poll. It's outdated as fck.
No way.  This must be the biggest poll ever. (130+ members voted)
Will keep it there no matter what :D

As for an update,  will do it in 2 days or so